For many years now, oak kitchen cabinets have experienced a roller-coaster ride as far as their popularity is concerned. After staying out of interior design fashion for quite some time, oak cabinets are now back in fashion and are seemingly more popular than they have ever been. 

Is the present popularity of oak cabinets genuine or just a fad?  Well, that is a question many homeowners are currently asking. If you have considered buying oak cabinets but aren’t quite certain about whether or not their significance will soon fade away, this article is for you. 

To help you determine whether or not oak cabinets are genuinely fashionable as of now, we have featured and explained various things about them in this article. Therefore, keep reading!

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Explained

As of now, some of the most valued and so, priciest natural wood cabinetry designs are oak kitchen cabinets. These drawer designs exist in terms of two major varieties; these are red and white oak cabinet varieties. 

Generally speaking, the release of modern-style red and white oak cabinets a few years ago stirred speculations concerning the fact that furniture makers achieved a breakthrough in making oak cabinet designs popular for as long as possible. 

The most notable defining attributes of oak kitchen cabinets include the following; 

  1. Design Multiplicity

Beyond the two notable versions of oak cabinets, namely, red and white oak cabinets, there exist different types of oak cabinets, especially based on cabinet design features, for example, color and layout. 

You can choose to buy traditional or modern oak cabinets depending on your likes regarding cabinetry designs. The fact that oak cupboard designs are versatile generally means that you can access multiple drawer varieties if you decide to choose among oak cabinet designs. 

  1. Functionality

Thanks to their functional values, oak kitchen cabinets have managed to appeal to people from all corners of the world. Some of the practical values of oak cabinets include compatibility with multiple interiors, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

Rather than just use them to make their kitchens visually seductive, homeowners are using oak cabinets to make their pantries as useful as possible. This is attributed to the fact that oak cabinets have proved exceptionally more functional than a variety of popularly known cabinetry designs. 

Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Genuinely Popular?

As we have already observed, oak cabinets are as of now considered as some of the most valued cabinetry designs in the kitchen interior design industry. For this reason, you need to believe the idea that their popularity is not more, nor less, genuine. 

Other reasons that point to the fact that the popularity of oak cabinets isn’t a fad include the following; 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Trending

Now that natural wood cabinets are looked at as top cabinet trends, the current degree of popularity of oak kitchen cabinets cannot in any way equal a fad. Some of the most iconic natural wood cabinets are cabinets constructed from oak. These drawers will always trend massively and genuinely as long as natural wood cabinet designs are in fashion. 

  • The Benefits of Oak Cabinets are Unequaled

Just because there are no kitchen cabinets with immense practical values typical of oak cabinet designs, you can bet on the fact that the present popularity of oak cabinets is genuine. Unlike a variety of traditional, modern, and post-modern cabinetry designs, oak cabinets boast proven long lifespans and are convenient to work with for they can rhyme with multiple kitchen interior design aesthetics. 

  • Homeowners Genuinely Love Versatile Cabinetry Designs

Because oak cabinets are versatile, as we have already mentioned, you can believe that they attract genuine admiration. This is based on the proven truth that homeowners are attracted to versatile cabinetry designs. Thanks to their versatility, oak kitchen cabinets give homeowners the needed chances to access their dream traditional or modern cabinets. 

Trending Ideas on Oak Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Painted or Stained Oak Kitchen Cabinets

If you are used to unpainted or unstained oak cabinets, you are more likely to consider oak cabinet varieties classic-fashioned cabinets. Painted oak cabinets are some of the oak cabinetry designs you can choose if you love contemporary-fashioned cupboard designs. Painted or stained oak cabinets come in a wide range of forms. While others typically feature one paint color, others feature two tones and others even more. 

#2:  Shaker-Style Oak Cabinets

Thanks to the invention of shaker-style cabinets several decades ago, kitchen interior design has never been the same. From traditional to modern and post-modern interior designs, these drawers can rhyme with everything. Shaker-style oak kitchen cabinets, both traditional and modern-style variants, are widely known for highly esteemed practical standards and most importantly, are effortless to find. 

#3: Ready-to-install Oak Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets, some of the most recent drawer varieties, are unimaginably popular in the kitchen interior design industry. The more ready-to-install cabinetry models continue marking their place in the industry, the more furniture makers unleash them. Currently, you can find diverse types of RTA cabinets. If you are lucky to land on varieties engineered from oak hardwood, you will end up spending less as far as purchase, styling, and maintenance are concerned. 

Tips for Styling Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Arguably, when it comes to styling, oak cabinet constructions are simpler to deal with. Thanks to the fact that they blend well with a wide range of interior designs, oak cabinets are uncomplicated to beautify.  

Based on the opinions of interior design professionals, you can try applying the following strategies to make your oak cabinets seem not only stylish but also modern in any type of interior. 

  • Cleaning and servicing oak kitchen cabinets regularly
  • Pairing oak cupboards with different colors and material textures
  • Imparting accessories on oak cabinets
  • Painting or refurbishing oak cupboards

Final Thoughts

The past few years have unquestionably seen the popularity of oak kitchen cabinets constantly fluctuating. But that should not convince you that the present popularity of oak cabinet designs equals a fad. As you have discovered in this article, cabinets constructed from oak boast remarkable attributes, all of which make them cabinet trends worth going for. The overall outlook of your cookhouse notwithstanding, oak cabinets can look good when fixed inside it.