Being an interior designer provides people with the chance to remodel or create commercial and domestic spaces.  One needs to understand the concept of balance, color, space, and light and incorporate the right d├ęcor to achieve a beautiful outcome. Interior design courses range according to their preference, such as choosing the suitable color theme and measuring rooms and furniture for a great fit. There are various interior design courses accessible online where one can learn for free and be part of the interior design profession. Reviewsbird has more information about online courses that you can access for free. As a start, the following interior design courses are among the best, short, and easy to learn without physically attending school.

1. Inchbald Design School

This offers different professional courses for interior design that last until three years. The school also has short courses that last up to 3 months. No need to worry about going to school for the classes as they are online-based, with an example of a short course being “Design your living space.” The course provides the learner with an overview of interior design functions that are educational and fun to explore. For anyone interested in learning how to make sample boards for furniture and materials or sketching elevations and plans, “Design your living space” is the go-to course.

Interior Design Courses3

2. Interior Design Institute

The International Accreditation and Recognition Council have accredited the interior design course, making it one of the most advanced classes. The high quality and professional course focus on interior design practice, where students learn different technical designer skills. The course has 12 modules that require various assignments in addition to being self-paced. The class might last a year for the working class, while it could also take 24 weeks if done for 6 hours weekly.

3. Lynda Interior Design

This course is fully informative as it involves drafting, software rendering, and 3D visualization. Potential interior designers who wish to bring their concepts to life by adding lighting effects can opt for the course. Lynda is among the online courses highly demanded by learners. The course is brief and easy to understand, with video tutorials that are not too long. One video is approximately 2 hours long and contains enough information for the particular module.

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4. New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD)

The course is accredited by the Designer Society in America and provides the learner with an interior design overview. The class takes up to 18 months to complete with unlimited access to learning materials. The course is also flexible meaning that the student can complete it at their own time. A certificate showing that the course is completed also issued by NYIAD. This means that one gets to enjoy the benefits of a physical class by studying online.

Anytime one wishes to pursue an interior design course, they need to understand that the current times have made it easy for them to learn useful skills from their homes or offices. Interior design courses are available where most of them are free to offer equal opportunities for people of different social classes to enjoy.