Red Kitchen

The red kitchen will start the day brightly and will give you a double charge of vivacity. For a long time, red remained in the background. The designers assigned it the role of an auxiliary color, which built certain contrasting accents in the interior. Today, professionals are more supportive of this deep and passionate color, and the many variations in shades of red allow the most daring experiments to be brought to life.

Advantages and disadvantages of red cuisine

Red is one of the most controversial yet alluring colors used in kitchen decor. The reason for this was the natural duality of the shade. On the one hand, it is a flashy and protesting color that can cause aggression and irritation. On the other hand, it is the color of passion, temperament, and inexhaustible energy.

Psychologists note that this color in the interior is perfect for people prone to depressive moods. Consider the main Advantages of this color scheme for kitchen decoration:

  • There is a feeling of celebration, an upbeat atmosphere reigns;
  • Harmonious placement of accents in the design of the kitchen room will improve the mood of the residents of the house;
  • The room acquires notes of luxury;
  • The kitchen in red looks relatively modern and fits perfectly into high-tech and fusion interiors.

In the absence of appropriate knowledge, red can have the opposite effect. Since this color scheme most of all affects the psychoemotional state of a person, it must be used in a dosed amount in the interior.

Disadvantages of a red kitchen:

  • Too intense a shade has an exciting effect on the human psyche, and its excess can provoke aggression;
  • Decoration of premises in this color is contraindicated for hypertensive patients;
  • Bright, intense color negatively affects a person’s performance;
  • A kitchen room with a small area looks visually smaller when red prevails in the design.

Taking advantage of the shades of red, you can create a luxurious ensemble that will energize all the inhabitants of a house or apartment. Choosing the right palette will help transform your kitchen and make it the centerpiece of your home.

Features of kitchen design in red

A red kitchen in the interior can look elegant and laconic in a small space or have a royal scale if additional square meters allow it. Considering the top 5 expert tips, you can competently transform the room:

  • You can’t overdo it with red, even in a spacious kitchen. The optical features of saturated scarlet color significantly conceal space, make large objects more massive. If a red kitchen set was chosen as the room’s decoration, it is better to refrain from using color to design walls, textiles, and decor elements.
  • A small kitchen will become visually smaller if you install a set of rich red colors. It is preferable to employ a red palette as bold accents in this scenario. For example, you can use crockery, tablecloth, curtains, or scarlet-colored chairs.
  • It is crucial to consider the location of the room. The northern room must be “warmed” with the warmest shades: pomegranate, titian, carrot. The kitchen, located in the south, can be safely equipped with raspberry and carmine red furniture.
  • Experts point out that it is inappropriate to paint all the walls red. Such a situation can negatively affect the psychological state of a person. Having decorated one of the walls with scarlet, you can perfectly place accents and give the room a zest.
  • When planning the design of a room, it is essential to focus on the principles of color combinations. The network has many thematic sites that will help you choose the right pairing shades for decorating the kitchen.

Red is the perfect solution for a modern kitchen. Straight lines, a glossy facade, an abundance of glass and metal are the main signs of high-tech style. By its nature, this style is practical and somewhat cold. An accent in a burgundy kitchen will significantly revitalize the atmosphere and make it stylish and original. However, a low-quality cheap headset can instantly spoil the impression and introduce an imbalance in the image of a modern kitchen.

When it comes to selecting the proper furnishings, you should pay attention to one of the best Russian companies that have been producing high-quality goods for 30 years. We are talking about the table holding “Angstrom,” which creates high-quality kitchen sets with fittings from German and Italian manufacturers. Such furniture will perfectly complement a loft-style interior. Dark red brick walls, laconic wood furniture, metal chairs, and chandeliers combine to create an industrial look.

The Victorian kitchen is a tribute to timeless classics that coexist perfectly with noble shades of red. When choosing an English style, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Furniture should not only be of high quality but also luxurious. It is possible to use the aging effect of the headset.

What colors does red match?

3. What colors does red match

The choice of the future kitchen style certainly plays an important role, but it is equally important to choose the right color palette. Let’s take a look at the most popular color pairs for all shades of red:

  • Black is the choice of extravagant personalities since the kitchen looks gloomy, but at the same time acquires a unique charm (the maximum effect can be achieved using a cold palette of red);
  • White is a classic that does not require additional shades;
  • Beige is the best color that will help create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and the variety of shades provides a vast space for creativity;
  • Blue – a struggle between two elements, an incredibly bold decision;
  • Green is the most natural, natural tandem that improves mood and improves appetite;
  • Brown – perfect for decorating a Victorian kitchen;
  • Orange is the warmest combination that fills the room with energy and light.

Bright glossy facades of a scarlet shade perfectly accentuate the walls of delicate beige, olive, and gray colors. The red color always looks advantageous, and with the right choice of color palette, you can create the atmosphere of an accurate fairy tale in a standard apartment or a country house. Red has long been associated with wealth, aristocracy, and passion. High-quality scarlet furniture, complemented by elegant fittings, will become the kitchen’s hallmark and add a unique flavor to the room.