It’s time to plan the kitchen design, And we don’t even know where to start. We are in a sea of ​​doubts, we have a lot of ideas, inspiration and we want to add everything, but we don’t know where to put everything and how everything will end. Some have great imaginations and can visualize everything, but in general, we all need a little help in this regard to see the final design.

The space in the kitchen allows itself be decorated with a wide variety of techniques; however, in the process of transformation, such changes must certainly be made, such as:

  1. Changing the background of the walls and their additional design.
  2. Correction of the appearance of furniture.
  3. Kitchen apron decoration.
  4. Change or decoration of curtains.
  5. Decoration of the kitchen table and chairs.
  6. Home appliance decoration.
  7. Filling the interior with various decorative elements.

We show ideas for kitchen decor that you can do yourself: with these items, the decor will become more comfortable and functional.

1. Fruit basket

1. Fruit basket

2. Fruit basket

Fresh colorful fruits are a source of vitamins and good mood. They are interior decoration in themselves, but for a more attractive look they require beautiful dishes.

If you don’t want to take up countertop space , make a hanging hammock basket and secure it under your kitchen cabinet. It takes a rope, two wooden beams, hooks, and a little patience.

2. Shelves

3. Shelves

4. Shelves

Wall structures can be not only practical, acting as an additional storage system, but also beautiful. Wooden boards are easy to work with, but at the same time they are strong and beautiful. To create a stylish shelf, you will need several small slats and screws, as well as paint.

3. Pot from dishes

5. Pot from dishes

6. Pot from dishes

7. Pot from dishes

It is impossible to use old cracked dishes for their intended purpose – pathogenic bacteria accumulate in the chips and it is impossible to get rid of them. If you have a favorite cup or teapot that you can’t throw away your hand, decorate an empty windowsill with them by planting an unpretentious plant or edible greens inside.

4. Shade

8. Shade

9. Shade

Even a kitchen lamp can be a decoration. The product is not difficult to create with your own hands. This lampshade consists of hoops glued together with wood glue. The material used is bamboo slats taken from old blinds.

5. Chair Seats

10. Chair Seats

11. Chair Seats

After renovation, the kitchen often seems uninhabited and empty. Kitchen chairs and stools may not be the most comfortable, so textiles come to the rescue . If you are skilled at sewing, creating a cushioned seat is not difficult. As a base, you can use well-preserved old clothes or specially purchased fabric.

6. Cutting boards

12. Cutting boards

13. Cutting boards

If boards are no longer suitable for cooking, then they are just right for decorating the interior. An empty wall can be decorated with a composition of boards, supplementing them with twine and cardboard letters.

You can also use new cutting boards – they are inexpensive, but their woody texture will definitely add coziness to the atmosphere. The product can be painted or decorated with an inscription. If you know how to burn wood, you are guaranteed a beautiful decor element.

7. Boxes

14. Boxes

15. Boxes

At first glance, such a homemade drawer may seem superfluous in the kitchen, but do not rush to conclusions. This useful detail can play the role of a tray: if you attach handles to it, you can use it to carry various kitchen utensils.

8. Slate surfaces

16. Slate surfaces

17. Slate surfaces

9. Refrigerator decor

18. Refrigerator decor

19. Refrigerator decor

Select a section of the wall or purchase a large photo frame to make a blackboard that you can write on with chalk. Even a piece of plywood will do: you just need to sand it and apply the composition. On the board you can write a menu like in a cafe, notes and wishes.

It is very simple to make slate paint: you need black acrylic enamel and a little dry building mixture – plaster or tile grout. Mix the ingredients well and cover the surface in two layers.

10. Plates

20. Plates

21. Plates

You can also practice painting skills on boring white plates. This creativity is available to everyone – both experienced and novice decorators. Use the dotting technique to create embossed ornamental effects, ready-made templates and acrylic paint, or ceramic markers.

11. Pickups

22. Pickups

23. Pickups

24. Pickups

If there are curtains in your kitchen, do not disregard them. The simplest plain curtains will be transformed if you supplement them with homemade hooks . When creating them, do not limit your imagination – in addition to fabric, a variety of materials will do:

  • jute rope;
  • wooden or plastic beads;
  • ribbons woven using macrame technique ;
  • beautiful bent spoons or forks;
  • belts.

12. Table track

25. Table track

26. Table track

27. Table track

Decorative “runners” will help to diversify the table setting: unlike tablecloths, they do not require much material consumption, and decorating them is a pleasure. One of the interesting options is a path with a starry sky pattern, which will create a romantic atmosphere and will be a wonderful decoration for the kitchen.

All you need to do is hem the edges of the long rectangle and apply the pattern. Splashes and dots painted with household bleach with chlorine look good on dark blue fabric. If you’re afraid to use chlorine, buy a white marker or fabric paint. Constellations can be stitched with threads.