Are you looking for some great ideas to renovate your small apartments? Do visit our latest collection of Stunning Small Apartment Designs.

Owing to the increasing prices and inflation, space is becoming a large problem nowadays. People find it difficult to afford a luxurious home with bigger space to fulfill their dreams of decoration with luxuries and facilities. But worry not. We at Dwelling Decor have gathered an awesome collection of ideas to decorate your small apartments in the most luxurious and the most space friendly manner.

Variety of ideas are available nowadays on the internet as well as with the decorators. Whether its a bigger space or a smaller space, a house has to be decorated in a manner that it looks like house and not any godown or a storage space. So checkout our latest collection and get inspired for some stunning ideas.

Stunning Small Apartment Designs


This small apartment with sofa on one side and a separate small office area or a space for placing computer. A small coffee table arounf with rug and a small bean bag for your comfort.


Minimalist is the best. A half sofa with coffee table arranged beautifully in the left over space and very less furniture used to make the room look spacious and easy to walk around.







White is the symbol of peace and sophistication. Usage of something really bright and white can attract anyone’s eyes and can add value to the whole decoration.



This small space is a complete house in itself. Space is used so brilliantly to adjust the room just above the cupboard.


In a small area, an L-shaped sofa can provide adequate seating space without taking much of the space. The separate office area also adds its own touch to the complete decoration.


Usage of bright colors in a small apartment space is a great way of adding a sense of versatility and dimension.



This is such a beautifull designed apartment with a small kitchen with dark cabinets on one side and a small living space on the other. It is a perfect bachelor pad giving a coll atmosphere.


Instead of couch the usage of chairs with beautiful cushions can also add charm to the whole look with a warm rug beneath to add livelihood to the whole space.


If the small apartment just has one room, false walls or partition are an excellent way to break up and use the space excellently. Do not ignore the beautiful small couch area on the upper side.


The space of the small apartment can be really maximized by incorporating some innovative furniture, like the piece that you see above. the usage of color combination adds glamour to the whole house.



Usage of nude colors in this small apartment adds a different kind of beauity and sensation to the complete look of the house. It makes the house look bright and airy.

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