The table lamps are the perfect piece of furniture to decorate and make locations more suggestive.

You can put a table lamp on a bedside table, on a desk, on a table near the sofa: they are the best solution to make the view relaxing and to create a quite magical atmosphere at the same time.

How to pick the right table lamp for your needs? Many factors need to be considered like the style, the lighting, the design, the lamp dimension and other important elements. Here there are some suggestions to pick the right table lamp!

How to choose the right table lamp

Designed to be placed on a furniture, the table lamps not only give the right light to run activities but have an important decorative function, decorating the room just with its presence. If you want to choose the right one model, you should combine functionality and aesthetic and consider the mainly flowing factors.

Table Lamps1


Available in different styles, from classic to modern, the table lamps are pieces of furniture of high importance and therefore it is important to carefully choose the one most suitable with the room.

The choice is very large: there are very nice lamps even in country, shabby chic, vintage, ethnic style made by the most disparate materials (glass, wood, metal, crystal) in order to fit at the best and to satisfy every need.

Nowadays there are many beautiful design lamps with unique and original shapes that can give additional glamour to the rooms where they have been placed.


The size of the table lamps is essential: it must be taken into account in relationship with the support base. The size and the height of the lampshade need to be considered in order to create a harmonic effect.

In order to be functional and not bulky, it is important to underline that the base and the lampshade must fit and not go above the furniture, otherwise they could obtrude the way.


Another important factor to consider in choosing the table lamp is the light intensity. The power of the light is not the same for all the rooms and it is important to pick the right one considering the space where you would like to place the lamp.

Table Lamps2

For example, for the bedside lamp in the bedroom the ideal light is the soft one, that allows reading without problems. As for the desk lamp, it is better to go for a more intense light, preferable with a flexible stem, that you can adjust according to your preferences and necessities.

Finally, as for a lamp in the living room, since it is an additional light to the chandelier, it should create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


As for the light bulbs’ consumption, nowadays the LED ones are certainly the most indicated. They produce light of the same intensity of the classic lamps (the incandescent and halogen bulbs) but the consumption is less.

The wide range of table lamps available in the market allow us to choose among different models that can satisfy every style and that allow us to create very glamour effects in the spaces.