Most Popular Interior Trends

There are so many interior trends emerging each year, that it can be hard to keep track. If you want to give your home an update but you’re unsure of the right direction to go in, take a look at these ideas for some of the most popular interior trends you should try.



Minimalism has been on the radar for many years, and it’s still going strong. This trend consists of decorating your home with neutral colour schemes and simplistic details. It’s basically a ‘less is more’ approach. If minimalism is your thing and you’re keen to update your home in this style, it’s an easy look to achieve. Start by re-painting your walls in shades like white and light grey, creating a blank canvas for your space. Then, seek out furniture and accessories with simple designs and features, avoiding anything too bold.

One of the reasons minimalism is so popular is the fact that it appeals to so many people. A number of property companies, such as RW Invest, tend to decorate their rental properties in minimal colour schemes as a way to attract more tenants. Therefore, if you have a family to please or a mix of people living with you, choosing to decorate in this style is a good way to appeal to everyone.



On the opposite end, maximalism is quickly growing into another huge interior trend. Unlike minimalism, this trend focuses on over the top furnishings and decor. Think clashing colours, multiple patterns, lots of artwork, and quirky furniture. To easily achieve this trend, use lots of colour, add a range of accessories, and invest in a floor to ceiling bookshelf to display all your favourite books. Books are a key element of the maximalism trend, so make sure you dust off your old collection of titles and get all your books on display.


If you love nothing better than a relaxing stroll through the park, bring the outside indoors with the natural trend. This trend is perfect to apply to any room, transforming your home into your very own sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With this trend, you should concentrate on decorating your home with natural materials, soft colour schemes, and plenty of plants.

Like minimalism, neutral colours tend to work well for this trend, but colourful shades like pastel green also compliment the look perfectly. Opt for furniture and accessories made from more natural materials such as jute rugs, hessian sofas, and wicker storage baskets. Then, fill the room with as many indoor plants as you can to really bring the interior theme together.

If you struggle with taking care of plants and don’t think your home gets enough natural sunlight for them to thrive, find the right plants for you. Many plants grow well in darker rooms or with indirect sunlight, and some even survive with minimal watering!

Vintage glamour

Vintage glamour is a trend that’s become increasingly popular in the past year and is perfect if you aren’t a fan of the modern look. This trend is massively influenced by art deco, with plenty of luxurious furnishings, rich colours, and dazzling prints and patterns. Switch geometric details for curved silhouettes, swap leather for velvet, and invest in some dazzling gold pieces. If you have a chandelier, you’re already one step ahead with this trend. If you’re stuck for which colours to paint with, consider deeper shades like navy, plum and emerald green. These darker colours tend to work beautifully when paired with gold frames and hardware, along with adding to the decadent feel of your vintage home.