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Tips For Selecting Trampolines For The Home And Garden

Tips For Selecting Trampolines For The Home And Garden

How to have fun and usefully spend time in the country? One of the options is to install a trampoline on the site! Children will like this idea, and some adults will be happy to be distracted by it from their summer cottages.

1. Trampoline

In addition, a trampoline is not only entertainment but also a helpful simulator, with the help of which

  •  The vestibular apparatus is effectively trained;
  •  The musculoskeletal system is strengthened;
  •  Gross motor skills develop;
  •  The heart muscle and lungs are trained.

2. Trampoline

Types of trampolines

3. Trampoline

Structures are divided into frame and frameless.

An example of the latter is inflatable structures, which kids in amusement parks so love. In the country, you can install the same, but in miniature.

Inflatable models are an excellent option for the little ones. They can look like a house, a castle, a toy car, or a funny little animal. They are often sold as a small play complex combined with a slide and a mini-pool.

Such a structure is easy to transport, move from place to place. Install it on a soft substrate so as not to damage the bottom on sharp stones or branches.

Frame models represent a canvas made of a particular fabric, fixed to the frame with springs. The structure is installed on legs. They can be open or equipped with a restraining net, in which case it will be safer to jump on them.

4. Trampoline

In tall models, the net can also be installed on the bottom of the trampoline, covering the spaces from the canvas to the ground. It is necessary so that no one goes under the canvas during jumps – such protection will avoid accidental injuries.

Criteria of choice

When choosing a trampoline model, you must, first of all, decide who will use it.

  •   It is better for kids under ten years old to buy an inflatable trampoline – bright, fun, soft, and safe.
  •  Teenagers – lovers of active high jumps. A-frame model is suitable for them, capable of withstanding a load of 100 or more kg and a tent diameter of at least 2.5 m. Adults can also use this trampoline.

5. Trampoline

When choosing, pay attention to the strength of the canvas, the reliability of the springs, and the stability of the structure. If the network is high enough, a ladder will be needed for convenient use.