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Top 10 Mistakes of Travelers

Top 10 Mistakes of Travelers

Today, we start forgetting about traveling due to the pandemic. We’ve replaced it with reading books, calling friends via Zoom, and playing online games get 20 Bet bonus codes here. Yet, one day we will be able to travel again. And here are some mistakes you should avoid after a long period of staying at home.

Planning Every Little Thing

Sometimes you look forward to vacation so much that you imagine everything in advance: how you will leave the train station, get in a white cab and eat soup at the hotel. You’re almost there, you’ve experienced everything at home. But in fact, the cab was silver, instead of soup you ate chicken in a cafe. Small things, but unnerving. Do not plan many details, leave room for maneuver.

Expectation Vs. Reality

If you expect from a country what google shows, you are bound to be disappointed. Something is always left out of the picture. Cab drivers are rude, mosquitoes bite, the geyser smells of hydrogen sulfide. Surprises can be pleasant and not so pleasant, just be prepared for them. That’s the beauty of travel.

Keeping Your Documents at the Bottom of Your Suitcase

To avoid fussing at the airport, keep everything you need with you: hotel reservation, visa, tickets. Print your ticket: it’s easier for the airport worker to look at the paper, not the screen. Leave your passport at home and take a copy with you.

Carrying Extra Stuff

Spontaneous travel teaches you to make do with a minimum amount of stuff. How do you see that minimum? Stack everything you want to take. Now remove what you can do without. This is your universal kit. Chances are, it will fit in your backpack.

Not Carrying a Universal Power Adapter

Not Carrying a Universal Power Adapter

Learn in advance what the outlets and voltage of the network where you will arrive. To avoid ruining your appliances, buy a universal AC adapter. It has a voltage transformer and different plugs for all known types of outlets. The compact adapter doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Leaving the Charger in the Suitcase

When all the information is stored on your phone, there’s a danger of it going dead in a matter of hours. Not all airports have charging stations with contacts for different types of smartphones, and suitcases are wrapped in plastic. So, carry a charger with you. Or better yet, a powerbank.

Checking Your Luggage for Expensive Goods

The security service sometimes checks luggage. You will not be warned about it, they just open the suitcase with a picklock. No one knows how honest the employee is who will check your things, so do not leave anything valuable there. Pack an expensive camera or tablet in your carry-on luggage.

Buying Tickets With a Short Layover

At the airport, there are a lot of security checks waiting for you at the entrance and exit. And if your next flight is inland, you’ll have to go to another airport. It is better to spend a few hours in the waiting room than to be hopelessly late for your flight.

Planning Too Much for One Trip

In a new country, you want to do more. Go to a concert and an exhibition, and do a little shopping. But if there are too many things to do, you won’t get everything done. One day you may want to get up later and not be in a hurry. Allow time for rest, that’s important too.

Not Knowing the Local Etiquette and Laws

In Morocco, you can only take pictures of people if they agree. Many tourists learn this already on the spot. And if in Cuba the police do not pick on foreigners, in Morocco you have to answer for violations. Also, it is customary there to tip for any service, so refuse the intrusive help. Learn in advance what you can not do in the new country, so as not to spoil your trip.