10 Alternative Ways to Decorate for Advent

DIY Advent Wreath Centerpiece

Make a stunning centerpiece with flameless candles for a safe and festive look. These candles give the cozy glow of real wax without the risk of fire, making them versatile for different displays.

Modern Graphics Advent Calendar

Create a personalized advent calendar with modern graphics that match your home's style. It's a striking decor piece that adds a contemporary touch to your holiday decorations.

Muted Colors Wall-Mounted Advent Calendar

Craft a simple wall-mounted calendar using fabric drawstring bags in soft holiday colors. It's an easy project that adds a subtle and elegant touch to your decor.

Rolling Jar Advent Calendar

Craft an interactive calendar using recycled baby food jars and scrap wood. Fill them with treats, decorate the lids with numbers and stickers, and create shelves to let the jars roll as each day's jar is removed.

Pegboard Advent Calendar

Embrace a crisp and modern look with a calendar made from kraft card stock and DIY favor bags suspended from a pegboard. It's functional and visually appealing.

Scrap Wood DIY Advent Tree

Build a rustic advent tree from reclaimed wood pallets and hang gifts, treats, and activity cards on it using push pins. It adds a charming touch to your holiday decor.

Advent Calendar Candle Ritual

Create a grown-up advent calendar by lighting a candle each evening and enjoying festive activities. Cross out the days with a marker until Christmas arrives, adding a cozy ambiance to your home.

Forest of Houses Advent Calendar

Make a unique advent calendar from mini Balsa wood house facades, with an activity posted for each day. It's perfect for both kids and adults and adds charm to your decor.

Photo Envelope Advent Calendar

Personalize your calendar by making colorful envelopes covered in family photos. Fill them with prizes and hang them on twine with clothespins for a festive countdown.

Rainbow Ombre Drawstring Bag Advent Calendar

Opt for a colorful drawstring bag calendar that adds a playful touch to your decor. It works well in a kids' room or a bohemian-style interior.