10 Tips for Infusing Coastal Vibes Into Your Home Decor

Set the Foundation

Start with calming shades of blue or soft blue-green to lay the groundwork for that coastal ambiance.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Use materials like rattan, wicker, bamboo, cane, and jute rugs to give your space a relaxed beach house feel.

Add Fresh Flowers

Bring in fresh flowers, especially white ones, to capture the essence of summer. If you prefer low-maintenance, opt for artificial flowers and plants.

Use Pillows and Linens

Decorate with pillows and linens in shades of blue and white for an instant coastal feel. Striped throw blankets and white linens also work wonders to create a light and airy look.

Display Shells and Driftwood

Showcase shells and driftwood collected from the beach as beautiful decorative elements that bring the coastal atmosphere indoors.

Incorporate Coastal Accents

Add touches like vintage nautical maps, antique ship models, or framed seashell collections to highlight the vintage aspect of coastal style.

Soft, Billowy Curtains

Hang soft, billowy curtains made of linen or sheer fabrics to let natural light filter in, creating a breezy and ethereal feel.

Opt for Vintage-Inspired Lighting Fixtures

Choose lighting fixtures with distressed finishes or weathered bases to add warmth and charm to your space.

Embrace Textures and Patterns

Experiment with a variety of textures and patterns, such as woven or knit throws, nautical motif pillows, and distressed coastal-inspired rugs.

Create a Coastal Gallery Wall

Showcase vintage coastal artwork to create a focal point in your space and bring a piece of the beach indoors.