10 Tips to Maintained a Couch in a Living Room

Regularly vacuum the couch

Vacuum weekly to remove dust and debris, keeping the upholstery clean.

Spot clean spills promptly

Deal with spills right away using a clean cloth or paper towel, and avoid rubbing to prevent spreading stains.

Rotate and flip cushions

Keep cushions in good shape by rotating and flipping them regularly to distribute wear evenly.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Prevent fading and discoloration by positioning the couch away from direct sunlight.

Use armrest covers and throws

Protect high-contact areas with covers or throws to minimize wear and tear.

Plump cushions regularly

Maintain the shape and comfort of cushions by regularly fluffing and plumping them.

Protect from pets

Train pets to stay off the couch or use pet-friendly covers to prevent damage from claws and fur.

Use furniture protectors

Place protectors under the legs to prevent scratches and damage to the floor.

Read manufacturer's instructions

Follow care instructions provided with the couch to ensure proper maintenance.

Choose the right fabric

Select durable and easy-to-clean fabric based on your lifestyle to ensure longevity.