10 Beautiful Bathroom Trends to Try in 2024

Floor-to-ceiling Checked Bathroom

Cover your bathroom in blue tiles from top to bottom for a fresh, modern look.

Sculptural Shower Block

Add luxury to your bathroom with a standalone marble shower, perfect for high ceilings.

Color-blocked Bathroom

Make a bold statement by painting your walls and ceiling in bright colors.

Antique Stone Touches

Elevate your powder room with different types of stone for a sophisticated touch.

Bathroom With a View

Enjoy nature's beauty from your bathroom with large glass doors.

Whimsical Patterned Wallpaper Bathroom

Add personality to your bathroom with custom wallpaper featuring fun patterns.

Relaxed Modern Bathroom

Keep your bathroom simple and stylish with Scandinavian mirrors and minimalistic sink setups.

High-impact Wallpaper Bathroom

Make a statement with bold wallpaper choices and wallpaper in a powder room.

Blocked-out Marble Bathroom

Keep things sleek and modern with a marble shower enclosure.

Rustic Mirror Bathroom

Create a cozy atmosphere with textured walls and warm lighting.