10 Living Room Trends to Try in 2024

Shift from simple designs to more curvaceous forms in your living room. Experiment with light shades, textured materials, and curvy sofas for a fresh, contemporary atmosphere.

Cocooning Bends

Marshmallow Soft Furnishing

Introduce marshmallow-soft furnishings to create a relaxed and comfortable living room. Opt for white hues, curved sofas with rounded arms, and oversized, plush seating for heavenly comfort.

Explore unconventional marble varieties like blue stone for an elegant living room. Experiment with metallic finishes to give your space a distinct personality and appeal.

Blue Marble Furniture

Prioritize eco-friendly well-being with airy, light backgrounds. Design multi-functional living spaces that support various activities and enhance sustainability.

Multi-functional, Airy Space

Velvet remains a go-to color for interior designers, taking on contemporary twists. Incorporate velvet sofas with creased curves, restrained fluting, and lounge latching for a modern living room.

Velvet is the Go-To Color

Try More Observant Design

Shift towards mindful designs, creating a distinctive ambiance in your living room. Add garden grass or decorative accessories for an eco-friendly touch and fresh appeal.

Place mirrors strategically for added appeal and an illusion of spaciousness in your living room. Top your fireplace with a mirror to elevate your entire space.

Use Mirrors Effectively

Embrace sustainability with green living trends. Add indoor plants, natural materials, and earthy shades for a nature-inspired living room that promotes eco-friendly living.

Green Living

Modern Scandinavian Interior

Embrace clean lines, minimalist color accents, and natural elements in Scandinavian interiors. Achieve simplicity with white walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and cozy decor.

Zoning Out

Adapt to the trend of zoning out living spaces. Create functional zones with multi-functional furniture, bold murals, and room dividers for a versatile and organized living room.