10 Out-dated Living Room Trends to Steer Clear of in 2024

Caution against using oversized accent pillows to prevent clutter in a small living room.

Overbearing Accent Pillows

Bulky Furniture

Advocate against bulky furniture, suggesting multifunctional pieces like lift-top coffee tables and storage ottomans for versatility.

Encourage homeowners to avoid monochromatic colors and embrace vibrant jewel tones and earthy hues for a personalized look.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Suggest avoiding accentuating every wall and opting for one bold color, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or a few art prints to create a focal point without overwhelming the space.

Accentuating Every Wall

Discourage matching furniture sets, encouraging a mix-and-match approach with various textures and styles for a curated, dynamic living room.

Matching Furniture Set

Dark Curtains

I recommend avoiding dark curtains that make a room feel closed off. Instead, embrace natural light with sheer or lighter-colored curtains to brighten small living rooms.

Update single-colour rooms to embrace diversity and blend contrasting elements for a more vibrant space, aligning with the 2024 interior design trends.

Monotone Rooms

Emphasize the rising popularity of mixed metals, signalling the phasing out of single-metal designs as a key trend in 2024.

Mixed Metals

Statement Lighting

Highlight the upcoming trend of 2024 that places a spotlight on statement lighting, replacing traditional fixtures with more impactful and unique designs for a significant impact.

Trendy Furniture

Option for timeless furniture pieces that endure multiple trend cycles instead of following short-lived trends, as recommended by designers.