10 Romantic Design Ideas for a Cozy Date Night at Home

Easily create and send French-inspired Bisous for You candy cards with Darcy Miller's printables. Attach chocolate hearts and lip candies, add confetti, and send to your Galentines in red envelopes.

Create a Soft, Mellow Mood

Dine, Al Fresco,

Opt for a healthy alternative with Fruit Valentine Tags. Let kids color these adorable tags and attach them to whole pieces of fruit.

Turn plastic candy boxes into cute perfume bottles with Eau D'Amour printables. Fill them with pink and white candies, like jelly beans and chocolate-covered treats.

Personalize Your Table Setting for a Memorable Meal

Wrap colorful rock candy with clever labels for a festive DIY party favor. Stick to a theme, like bubblegum-pink rock candy sticks, for a sweet surprise.

Elevate Classic Markers of Romance

Sweeten Valentine's Day with One-in-a-Melon Tags. Fill clear bags with watermelon gummy candies and tie the tags with pink and green ribbon.

Incorporate Colors and Patterns With Romance

Rethink That Bouquet of Red Roses

Turn York Peppermint Patties into fun Valentine's Day candy cards with free printables. Attach wrapped peppermint treats and fill out names for a personalized touch.

There's something so romantic about a candlelit dinner. Bring that vibe to your home by lighting candles and dimming the night's lights.

Have a Candlelit Night

Say goodbye to your screens for the night and spend some quality time together instead! Who knows what kind of fun will unfold without phones, TVs, or computers dictating your plans?

Plan an Unplugged Evening

Take a Bubble Bath

Draw a warm bath and fill it with your favorite bubble bath, essential oils, or bath bombs. Make it even more romantic by surrounding your bathtub with candles and rose petals.

Make a Special Ritual Out of Gift-giving

Transform your cozy date night at home into a romantic ritual by reimagining gift-giving. Instead of traditional wrapping, use your partner's clothes as creative accessories, establishing a personalized styling corner.