Not all solar panels and solar brands are made to be the same. To buy a solar panel system, it is important to completely understand your available options. For those who have decided to adopt solar energy production, there are a few important tips that will help you make the right solar investment decision. 

Working of Solar Panels

How do solar panels work? This is an important question that most homeowners want to know at the time of buying it. Two main technologies help harness the sunlight and convert it into electricity. 

  • Photovoltaics are the panels that you see on the rooftops. These panels collect the photons present in the sunlight and create an electric field around the layers. This leads to the flow of electricity in the home. 
  • Now the next technology utilized in the working of solar panels is CSP or concentrating solar power. It is used majorly in large-sized power plants and not suitable for residential use. 

The technology makes use of mirrors to reflect as well as concentrate sunlight onto receiver devices. It absorbs solar energy and transforms it to heat. This can be used for the generation of electricity. 

Solar Power at Home2

Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Energy Panels

  • Size and Efficiency

Not every solar panel has the same size. The dimension of the solar panel is an important factor when buying it. It has been seen that solar panels that have a larger size have high DC ratings but are less efficient.

Efficiency is a complex term that is also significant when determining the right solar panel. It determines how much electricity a panel generates a specific amount of sunlight. To some extent, it depends on the materials used in its preparation. Higher efficiency panels generate more power that lets you save more money. 

  • Warranty Coverage 

Warranty is another important factor that you need to consider when buying a solar panel. Consumers should go for solar brands that offer a solid warranty that provides coverage to costs linked with everything such as the transportation, labour, and replacement of panels. With the right warranty in place, a user need not pay any price when any issue happens in the panel. 

  • Financing options 

Making upfront payments for solar panels will yield better returns. Getting the device on the lease will considerably lessen the upfront cost and align rental EMI with energy savings.

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  • Black or White Colour

Solar panels come in two colours like black and white. Many choose white for aesthetic purposes and improved efficiency. This is due to the reason that black panels soak in more sunlight. 

They get hotter quickly and become a little less efficient than white modules. The black-coloured panels do not reflect sunlight onto the cells. The white module, on the other hand, enables some transmittance of light whereas the black lowers it.


Deciding between the different solar system provider brands and various financing options can prove to be an overwhelming decision. Knowledge about the different solar technologies and components of the solar panel system will make its implementation process easier.