Outdoor fireplace construction is an alternative to an indoor one – housed within a patio, stone, or brick, and consisting of a chimney along with a firebox. Cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent soot deposition in the fireplace. 

Utilities of an outdoor fireplace construction site

You might be wondering the reason for building anoutdoor fireplace.The fundamental reason is cooking – roasting & BBQ taste better! The indoor ones seem to increase the heat of the room, while the outdoor ones are for savory needs. As an alternative, it can be the source of heat – during a wild winter – in the backyard, for a warm evening. 

While constructing the outdoor fireplace, the outdoor firepit construction can be quite tricky. Selecting the right brick will only help you proceed further with better results – plus the design also improves the heating efficiency. Though you can hire outdoor firepit builders, having a DIY experience will only help you learn more!

Should you build an outdoor fireplace now?

 There is no wrong time to have an outdoor fireplace constructed. Owing to the numerous benefits, it adds an aesthetic value to your home, taking you to the retro times – isn’t it really awesome?

So, to answer the main question – when to construct one? 

Anytime, when you are ready to grill that awesome BBQ!

Just some advice: Avoid rainy seasons for construction!

But, you must be wondering what should be the check-points to keep in mind, before constructing one. 

Let us grab your piece of grilled chicken, as you read further about it. 

Things to look into during the construction of a fireplace

Location is everything that you must consider: Yes, the location is crucial and there is no second thought about it. The heat and smoke generated from the fireplace must not suffocate you to death – so keeping it at some distance from the home is always recommended. Moreover, a fireplace when built in an open area can be turned into a guest-sitting spot – so don’t forget to pay more attention to the space!

Windblockers are very crucial: Yes, the wind can fizzle out the fire, and the excitement too! So, why not have a wind blocker to ensure that the fire lives longer? Using artificial fences or tall hedges will always be very helpful in blocking the winds, thus making the fire sustain. 

Selecting the fuel for the fireplace: Be it wood or gas, it is very crucial to take note of the local laws regarding the open fireplace. The outdoor fireplace construction should follow the laws, to ensure safety regulations are followed as well. The fuel selection is quite straightforward – wood or gas. Though gas is eco-friendly, yet, wood gives better economic value. Based on the outdoor fireplace laws in your area, the fuel selection must be made. 

Fire safety rules are a must: Isn’t it quite obvious? While dealing with fire, fire safety rules must be followed – but formal training on the same adds an added layer of advantage for you. Emergency evacuation drills should also be performed at regular intervals. 

Bottom line: Creating a fireplace outside, is itself a family bonding moment. Having a fireplace – adds a cherry on top of your cake. Just get started with it & enjoy the journey.