In order to function as they’re meant to, air hockey tables need regular maintenance and cleaning. The surface needs to stay smooth and free of damage. The flat surface of an air hockey table allows pucks to glide from one side to the other, with air flowing through small holes to decrease friction. 

The idea is to get the puck past the other player who plays “goalie” over their slot, trying to block your shot. Cubs, pubs, and various rec centers have the games played by people of all ages, plus you can buy one for home game rooms.  

The tables come in many variations, including Watson’s foldable air hockey tables, tabletop, arcade, and full-size, all sorts of styles and sizes, some with extra features like sound effects, electronic scoring, and lights, all to make the experience more exciting. With adequate cleaning and maintenance, gameplay will be supreme. 

Consider the essential aspects of maintaining and cleaning the air hockey table so it functions at peak performance. 

Tips on Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Air Hockey Table 

Table games are a lot of fun. They bring excitement to a home when added to a game room. Still, it’s not all fun and games. The tables must be well maintained and cleaned to get the greatest efficiency and longevity from them. That is especially true with an air hockey table. 

This particular table must have a smooth, flawless finish for the puck to glide effortlessly from one side to the other. When children play, they need to understand that they have to be really careful with the table’s top, so it doesn’t get any nicks or splinters. 

Consider these suggestions when caring for and cleaning your at-home air hockey table. 


Regular maintenance is vital with an air hockey table because the table’s surface is essential to gameplay. It needs to stay smooth and free from flaws. That can mean using a soft cloth to clean the top routinely to rid it of debris, dust, and dirt that can accumulate. 

One thing to pay close attention to is children having food or drinks around the table. It’s wise to keep the snacks in a separate area to avoid stickiness or staining on the tabletop. Plus, you want to prevent spills if the table has electronic features. 

In order to ensure the greatest functionality for the longest lifespan, a schedule of regular cleaning and monitoring little ones is essential. 


Over time, with gameplay, as people jump around, getting excited and having a good time, they begin to sweat. Without proper cleaning, this can gradually develop into bacteria and germ buildups on the pucks and the table.  

When game time is over or the following day, it’s wise to wipe down the table and the pucks to sanitize. You will be avoiding the spread of these germs, preventing the potential for illness from passing from one person to another and keeping your table hygienic. 


When there are any tiny particles, dirt, or other debris on the table, it will prevent the puck from gliding smoothly on the table’s surface. Play will be disrupted constantly while the puck gets caught up, bounces, or turns over, making it difficult to enjoy a game. 

This is the primary reason for keeping the surface as clean and smooth as possible. If it’s neglected, the performance will be poor, and no one will have a good time. Go here for the benefits of owning an air hockey table. 


When the table is not in use, the best way to keep pets, their dander, dust, debris, and other particles away from the surface is to invest in a cover to keep over it. No one should sit anything that has any significant weight on the tabletop or use the table for other purposes aside from playing the game. 

It’s a more sensitive surface than other tables that you can use for multiple purposes. When you own an air hockey table, you need to be more careful with it and take more time to maintain it. 

Final Thought 

Air hockey is one of the most fun tabletop games on the market. Kids and adults alike love to play. It does require care and upkeep to keep it functioning at peak performance and to ensure a long lifespan.  

Primarily, that involves keeping the table’s surface clean. Learn why you should bring an air hockey table home at 

You can avoid some work if you invest in a cover to prevent anything from getting on the top when it’s not in use. That’s especially true if you have pets like cats who tend to jump on tabletops.  

When adequately maintained, air hockey will give you an excellent game experience for years.