One of the main problems, when we decorate our bedroom, is the lack of space. In the decoration of modern small bedrooms, ingenuity and creativity are the most important thing to know how to make the most of the square meters that we have. To inspire you to get the bedroom of your dreams, we present below a lot of images that will help you in its design, let’s see it!


# 1 If you live alone in the house, you can choose to remove partitions and walls. By separating one room from another with curtains or other types of room dividers, you will save a lot of space that you can use for your own bedroom.


# 2 Attention to the built-in storage of this attic room. It is very practical, comfortable and functional. The large bed occupies practically the entire room, but in a way that takes advantage of its size to the centimetre.


# 3 A classic in modern small bedroom decoration in high-wall studios is to place the bed at the top of the living room. In this way, we can occupy the rest of the space as a living-dining room.


# 4 If your bedroom is narrow and long, you can choose a bed that adapts to its width. You can enter through the foot of the bed and take advantage of the ledge as a nightstand.


# 5 If you are looking for ideas for children and you think that the usual bunk beds take up too much space, do not miss this super invention! It is about two beds that fold to the wall, optimizing all the available space.


# 6 In a square youth bedroom, you can distribute the furniture in this way. The bed across the length, a sofa across the width and a small desk parallel to the bed.


# 7 If modern and small bedroom decorating ideas are what you need, you are sure to love this room decorated in grey! She is fresh, youthful and pretty. In this case, a partition has been raised to create a dressing room at the back of the bedroom.


# 8 A typical distribution in small and youth bedrooms: bed against the windowsill and centred, without many other elements to highlight.


# 9 This suspended bed is another example of modern bedrooms with a lot of style . Attention to the wood finish, polished and elegant. This design is inspiring and very sophisticated.


# 10 Another way to distribute all the cabinets in a small bedroom is to place the bed lengthwise and the wardrobe next to the perpendicular desk, this formula will save you a lot of space.


# 11 In a small bedroom, one option to have more furniture and cabinets in the same space is to place the bed up high. In this case, at the bottom, we find a sofa, although there are models with desks and wardrobes.


# 12 Among the decoration ideas for modern small bedrooms is to place the desk parallel to the bed. In this case, the desk is also used as a dressing table.


# 13 A new example of a bedroom at the top, in this case, it is a house in which a young couple lives. In this space, in addition to the bedroom bed, they also have the desk area for the laptop. Incredible the ingenious way in which they store clothes and other things, this is knowing how to optimize the available space to the maximum!


# 14 In a long bedroom, you have to be creative to fit the bed and the wardrobe. In this case, they have chosen to place the double bed perpendicular to the front wall, where they have placed shelves. The wardrobe and the rest of the furniture are located on one of the walls while the other has a very powerful natural light thanks to the large windows.


# 15 If you are a fan of oriental decoration, this bedroom with futon beds will enchant you! It is a bedroom with vintage and rustic touches , what is it charming?


# 16 Black and white bedrooms are also very fashionable. Although black is not very common for bedroom walls, you can choose to paint one of them, keeping the rest white. The result is very aesthetic and beautiful.


# 17 Again we bring an example of a narrow and elongated youth bedroom. To optimize space, the bed has to go lengthwise.


# 18 A very typical design in the decoration of small and modern bedrooms is to place the bed in the center of the room with the bedside tables on either side. You can also take the opportunity to place upholstered stools at the foot of the bed, ideal for putting on shoes or changing clothes.


# 19 In this photo we can see a new design of a loft bed that takes advantage of its lower space as a storage system. This idea is ideal especially for young people with very small bedrooms.


# 20 As we have seen throughout these photos, grey is a fashionable color in the decoration of bedrooms (and other rooms), in the event that it is very small, opt for a light and bright tone.