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Great Features of Modern Kitchen Cabinets


A set of features define what modern kitchen cabinets look like. This article covers the top features to guide your next cabinetry shopping. 

There is no specific feature that you can use to define modern cabinetry. You will have to use a combination of several features to find modern cabinets for your kitchen space.

A modern kitchen space

Modern kitchen space has several elements, with cabinetry at the center of it all. Here are the unique features that you should look for in modern kitchen cabinets.


The top feature of modern cabinetry is simplicity. The complex designs are now outdated in favor of simple kitchen cabinetry designs.

A majority of simple kitchen designs target creating more functional kitchen space. Often, you will find the use of both horizontal and vertical spaces in a minimalistic way to avoid congestion. The size and shape of the kitchen determine if simple modern kitchen cabinets should have a bias on the horizontal or vertical front.

Frameless cabinetry 

With the increasing concern to create spacious kitchen spaces, modern kitchen cabinets are more frameless than the previous full overlay cabinetry. This design is both functional and aesthetic.

Frameless cabinetry creates more space for movement in the kitchen. It also allows homeowners to showcase their beautiful art pieces on the cabinetry.

The sleek design of frameless cabinets should also be guided by the overall style and theme of the kitchen. An interior designer can help a homeowner find the best cabinetry design for a modern kitchen space.

Under-cabinetry lighting 

Since function and aesthetics are at the forefront of modern cabinetry considerations, most interior designers recommend under-cabinetry lighting. They help to see what is inside the cabinets and also create a beautiful appearance in the kitchen.

It is important to think about the kind of under-cabinetry lighting before buying modern kitchen cabinetsThey should be able to accommodate extra lighting.

Bold colors 

Modern cabinets are expressive when it comes to color choice. Homeowners are nowadays not afraid to express themselves using colors.

This has seen a rise in the use of bold colors. It is not strange to find bold colors like green, orange, and red featured in kitchen spaces.


These are a few features that can help you tell if the kind of cabinets that you are buying is modern or not.  

However, you must note that modernity in the kitchen is not definitive. Provided it has a touch of these modern aspects, you can consider it modern.