Are you thinking about tree trimming Irvine CA but not sure where to begin? Well, the first and perhaps most important rule is to observe absolute safety.

Many people have been injured in their gardens while attempting to trim their trees. Whereas it’s a good thing that you want to do this, we recommend that you take proper care.

This guide will introduce you to three safety tips that will be very helpful. We want to keep you safe.

Tip #1: Check the Weather

Many people have asked us, when is the best time for tree trimming in Irvine? This is a crucial question because you must be careful when to take the job.

There are several reasons why professional tree services don’t work a lot during winter and wetter months. The weather during these seasons can make trimming trees very dangerous.

Never trim trees during thunderstorms and hailstorms. The chances of being hit by lightning are very high. This is just aside from the slippery branches.

When it’s snowy, the branches are too slippery and heavy with snow too. It might not be the best time to trim them.

It is much better to wait until the weather is warmer and brighter. You want the time of day when you can firmly hold on to the branches while ensuring your ladder does not slide.

Top #2: Survey the Tree and Wear Safety Attire

Never engage in tree-cutting in Irvine, CA, without checking for potential hazards. There are many things that can make a tree difficult and dangerous to trim.

For example, there could be dangerously dangling branches or vines that are easily snapped. Some of these branches will fall off themselves, causing serious damage and injuries.

The goal here is to ensure you have a conducive working environment. And if you have children around, ensure they are not near the working area.

Check for dead or dry branches. Many people will want to hang on to such branches when trimming their trees, which is extremely dangerous. You don’t know how strong such branches are, so it’s better to avoid them.

Wearing protective gear is crucial. You want to avoid as many injuries as possible from tree trimming. So put on gloves, goggles, and anything else that keeps you safe.

Tip #3 Hire a Professional Tree Service Irvine

There are many great companies offering tree cutting in Irvine, CA, and hiring them. There are several benefits to working with a professional. These include:

  • They have the right equipment. A tree service will come in a van carrying cutting equipment, ropes, ladders, and everything else required to make the job easy.
  • They work in a team. Tree services use highly trained and skilled teams to ensure maximum safety. They will make the work easier for you.
  • Proper disposal. After trimming, the company will know how to dispose of the branches properly.

So, if you don’t want too many issues while trying to trim your trees, let a professional do the job. Besides, it does not cost much to hire a tree service. Contact us if you have any questions or need a tree service in your area.