Over the last few months many people have decided to buy a sun shade sail for their garden or terrace. But why is that? Particularly during the pandemic months, when we were forced to stay at home, the desire to be in touch with nature and the outdoors increased. Those who were lucky enough to have a small balcony or a garden were certainly able to fill this feeling, but obviously only when the days were sunnier. Thus, these people had to give up many days in spring and autumn when they could have relaxed outside, if only they had had the appropriate protection. And, in general, even when the weather gets too hot, the situation becomes unsustainable. 

At this point, there are two possible solutions: invest a lot of money in a stable structure, such as a roof, or get informed and buy a sail. Many people are worried that this product will spoil the aesthetics of their house, but this is not a real problem because you can purchase custom shade sails online made to measure. The Maanta company offers this possibility on its website, through which you can also contact experts to hear their opinion and ask for advice.

There are several ways to customise your sail. First of all, you can choose the shape of your product. Depending on the perimeter of your space, you can choose a triangular, square or rectangular sail. You can also select the fabric, because some sails are heavier than others, as they are also waterproof, while sun shade sails are not, but they are perfect for summer days because they facilitate the circulation of fresh air. Finally, don’t forget the colour, which must absolutely match those you have chosen for your home. 

If you are still not convinced by the final result, you can always buy accessories. The most popular ones are usually the hooks, which can be used to hang the sail with a metal wire when it is far away, and the poles, which will help you to adjust the inclination of the sail.

But is it really a perfect product? Naturally not, because nothing in this world is 100% perfect, but certainly some items make our lives easier than others. So, here is a little list of pros and cons of purchasing a sail:


  • Extremely economical compared to the costs of building a fixed structure
  • Protection from harmful solar rays
  • Can be fixed or removable, so it is very versatile
  • Can also provide protection against rain if it is waterproof, otherwise it facilitates the movement of fresh air


  • Installing a sail near a cooking area could ruin the fabric
  • For beginners it might be a bit difficult to assemble it
  • The fabric requires maintenance, otherwise it will get damaged

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. In fact, all it takes is just a little care to make sure your product doesn’t get damaged, and since it’s such effective protection, it’s definitely worth it.