The most eye catching thing in the kitchen is the “island kitchen” being placed in the centre which have different style of chairs, storage space and various styles of lamps on the top of the countertops.Kitchen is that place where you have to think thousand times as what, where and how to store the things.

They can be in different shapes like U-shaped, L-shaped and designs like granite, texture, wooden etc. So have some change and take a look on “30 Attractive Kitchen Island Designs For Remodeling Your Kitchen” to get some décor ideas.

island ideas
Stainless steel Kitchen Island Home Design with double sink one for washing other for storage
Beach-style-kitchen with wooden kitchen island and lamp
Traditional Continental Stair case Kitchen-island
Country Kitchen Islands
Classy black décor style with textural countertop and chandelier
Custom kitchen islands
Custom kitchen islands with turquoise cabinets, wooden countertops, and stools


Drop leaf kitchen island with breakfast bar
Drop leaf kitchen island with breakfast bar and contemporary chairs
Exquisite kitchen-island on casters in beautiful blue-and-white with ample storage
Hot Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Ideas
L-shaped cream colour island with Hot Kitchen Cabinets Makeover Ideas

Kitchen Island Idea

Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs
Dining Table cum island kitchen designs

Kitchen Island Ideas and Inspiration

Kitchen Island Ideas Designs for Kitchen Islands

kitchen island ideas
Portable kitchen island ideas with pedant lamps
Skegg Kitchen
This is something different with portable island
Kitchen Islands as Extra Storage
Kitchen Islands as Extra Storage which looks adorable




Luxurious-island-design-for-small-kitchen with rustic wooden ceiling and small chandeliers
Modern And Traditional Kitchen Island Ideas You Should See
Modern And Traditional Kitchen Island Ideas You Should See


Island glass lamps in Rustic Homemade Kitchen Islands make this look more attractive

small kitchen island ideas




Unique Kitchen Islands


white-wood and stainless island with lots of recipe books being stored in the open shelves

An that were all about the kitchen island. Once you decide your style in compared to that you can easily make out the other things like how and where to store and what to include so as to make it more attractive. Hence, from the above you might have got number of ideas as how to decor your kitchen precisely.