Your clothing is an investment and a pure reflection of your personality and taste in fashion. If you value your investment, there is a need to ensure that the value does not depreciate over time. The most appropriate way to achieve that is by selecting the best cloth hangers online that will extend your clothes’ longevity.

There are four types of materials that manufacturers use to craft the clothes hangers, and they include:

1. Plastic hangers


The plastic clothes hangers are lightweight and very affordable. The plastic material incorporated in the hangers is resistant to mould and rust, making them the best for all clothes. Most of these hangers are well crafted and have polished surfaces; thus they do not cause any wear and tear on your clothes.

However, some plastic hangers have weak materials making them susceptible to breaking or can’t adequately hold heavy clothing. In the selection process, ensure you pick plastic hangers made with heavy-duty plastic designed to carry heavy weight clothes.

2. Velvet hangers

The velvet hangers possess a slim profile compared to other types of hangers and will occupy minimal space in your wardrobe. Some of the metal hangers have an outer velvet cover that adds grip to the hangers and prevents slippage of clothes.

The main reason you should opt for these hangers is that they prevent any wrinkles and creases on your clothes. They also present a sturdy design and represent style and sophistication in your wardrobe.

3. Wooden hangers


The wooden hangers are manufactured from sturdy wooden materials making them the best to support any type of garment.  The shoulder notches in the hangers allow you to hang clothes with loops and straps without the clothes slipping.

Why opt for the wooden hangers:

  • Proper support-the hangers are sturdy and will last for many years without breaking or sagging. They offer good support to your clothes and will prevent any damage to your clothes.
  • Collar protection-collars can be damaged due to hanging on uneven hangers or rough-surfaced The wooden hangers are uniform and will support the clothes without causing any potential harm to the collar.
  • Beautiful design-the hangers are beautifully designed and add glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe.
  • Support all types of fabrics-there is no limit to the kind of fabrics you hang on these hangers. The wooden hangers are robust and will even support heavy materials that other hangers cannot.

4. Metal hangers


Metal hangers, also known as wire hangers, are crafted with steel material, and the manufacturer adds a thin plastic coating to prevent rusting.  The hangers are strong and durable, thus supporting all types of fabrics without deformation. These hangers’ texture represents a sense of fashion and will add a delicate touch to your wardrobe and represent modesty in your fashion taste.

Bottom Line

You can either opt for plastic, velvet, wooden, or metal hangers. All the four hangers have their advantages and their downside; thus, you need to evaluate which best suits your needs without deteriorating your clothes’ value.