If you’re about to start renovations or are in the middle of your renovations, one of the most overlooked accessories you will have to consider is usually cabinet handles. Choosing the right cabinet handles can make all the difference to a room, as your choice of modern, contemporary, traditional styles can very quickly give a different feel. There are of course many other things to consider, such as material and quality, so in this article we take a look at cabinet handles to help you make a better decision when it comes to fitting out your home.

Handles For Your Cabinets

Considering a functional approach

Whether you’ve been looking to brand new modern handles or antique cabinet handles in Australia, many of the same principals can be applied to your choice. The first thing you should be considering is the quality of the handle itself. Cabinet materials can be made from a wide range of materials, so developing a good understanding of the materials, such as their strengths and weaknesses, can help you determine what might be a good choice in the long-term. For example, you’d obviously want to choose a highly durable and resistant material for a handle that sees significant amount of use, such as in a kitchen, but if you were planning on changing up handles in an entryway cabinet, there is less need to select the most durable thing you can find. Related to this is functionality, where the ease of use in managing and using a handle is taken into account. Practicality is especially important in a kitchen, where being able to grab something quickly out of a cabinet or drawer can mean that dinner doesn’t get burned. To get a sense of what’s right for you, seeing what handles feel good in a showroom can give you some idea of what style is most suitable for your kitchen.

Handles For Your Cabinets1

Opting for aesthetics

Much of the fun of shopping around for handles is finding one that you like the look of from an aesthetic point of view. Choosing the right handles can therefore make all the difference when it comes to the overall look you want for your space – choosing antique handles in a highly modern hallway is obviously a no-go, for example. Antique handles are great for areas that don’t get a lot of use, but it’s much easier to find highly functional handles when it comes to modern and contemporary designs, as the sleek and streamlined look of these designs also lend themselves to much easier use due to them being less ornate. This shouldn’t sway you from getting antique and more traditional examples of cabinet handles, though – if you’re going for a purely decorative look, antique handles simply cannot be beat, particularly when you’re going for a decidedly old-world vibe.

What handles are right for you?

It should be clear by now that a lot can go into choosing the right cabinet handles for your space. you’ll have to consider things like your own personal taste when it comes to aesthetics, where you’re planning on introducing your cabinet handle, and how functional or decorative you need your handle to be. Although it might feel like a bit of pressure, one of the best things about cabinet handles is that they can always be changed in the future!