Most homeowners or landlords have had problems with sinks, bathtubs, or shower trays that drain slowly at some point. When this happens, it usually means that your drainage system is blocked in some way. So, do you naturally pick up the phone and dial the first drainage company you come across on Google? Even if you’re not very good at doing things yourself, unclogging a drain can sometimes be a pretty easy job. So, here are a few simple things you can do yourself instead of calling a plumber to help clear your drains of oil, soap scum, and tangled hair.

The Reliable Old-School Plunger

Plungers are commonly thought of as being used by men in large rubber gloves to unclog toilets, yet they are also useful for clearing blocked sinks and bathtubs. There must be water in your sink, bathtub, or shower tray for a plunger to work. A bath requires about 4-5 inches of water, whereas a sink or toilet only needs to be half-filled. When the water level is appropriate, cover the plug hole with a plunger and press down and pull up for about 40 seconds. Your pipes are clear if the water swiftly drains away. If it just partially drains, simply repeat the procedure until the water drains freely.

Warm Water

Pouring hot water down your sink is a workable solution when clogs are brought on by grease or anything else that dissolves with heat. Simply boil some water in a kettle, then slowly pour it down the drain. Simply begin by putting a small amount straight down the plug hole and keep doing so. If your plumbing contains PVC pipes, which are particularly common in showers, you shouldn’t use boiling water. It is advised to try an alternative remedy in these circumstances.

Salt, White Vinegar, and Baking Soda

Utilising three risk-free natural ingredients that many people already have on hand in their kitchen is another common treatment. These products, in contrast to many chemical cleansers, are thought to be very safe to use and pose no health risks. Make sure the sink is entirely dry before attempting to unclog it. After doing that, pour one cup of baking soda, one of salt, and one of white vinegar into the drain. After waiting 10 minutes, run boiling water through the drain to clear it. Hopefully, this will unclog the pipes and enable the free flow of your wastewater.

Sparkling Water, Soda, or Carbonated Beverages

Coca-Cola and lemonade, for example, might be useful when it comes to clearing drains in addition to being wonderful cooling drinks on a hot day. Coke and Pepsi are two examples of carbonated drinks that are corrosive, just like stronger cleaning agents. Pour a two-litre bottle of pop into the clogged sink slowly. After giving the acid in the bottle two hours to work its magic, flush it with boiling water. If you want to get the most out of this strategy, you should avoid diet drinks and keep the drink at room temperature. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the beverages that frequently produce the best results.

A Bent Coat Hanger

Quite simple, but surprisingly successful. Straighten up a standard wire coat hanger as much as you can. After that, bend one end over to form a tiny hook. Fishing can begin after you push that past the drain cover. You ought to be able to remove all kinds of hair and unpleasant materials from the drain. Keep in mind that you should always be pulling debris out rather than pushing it. Run the hot water after you’ve removed everything you can, and the mess should be nicely cleaned up.

While these are all good money-saving tips when it comes to clearing blocked drains, they will usually only work on minor blockages. If you find yourself with a serious blockage, it is important that you contact a reliable Essex Drainage company or one wherever you live as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in you needing more extensive and costly repairs.