Ben Kelly from Lanbury Group shares with us 7 interior design tips that can make our new build more livable. Lanbury Group, a leading property developer, owned by Ben Kelly and fellow founder Ben Gannon develop and design new build properties for discerning London clientele.  It does not matter if your floor space is large or small, if your decoration already handles a style or if you want to define it soon, with these tips you can reflect the best interior design in your home, just as professionals know how to do it!

Having a pleasant home is synonymous with the reflection of your personality. Since this is one of the spaces where you spend the most time and it is important that it be pleasant. Trying different or strong contrast colors, making use of unconventional textures and mixing old pieces with modern pieces are some ideas that can give a more striking and comfortable look to your home.

Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon from Lanbury’s top 7 tips on interior design:

1. Focus on only one style!

Style is what animates your build. You can’t apply more than one style because it will make your building look silly. Your interior should present the most dominant side of you. That is the basic foundation and then you should apply other things based on your foundation.


2. Mixing luxury items with the cheap ones

Focus on one luxury item. A coffee table, a central antique chair – then offset this central focused element with less expensive, but high quality items. A different functionality to that of all the other elements of your spaces will help you have a more complete environment so that all your friends and family feel comfortable being there. These other elements don’t have to be expensive. You can buy them online at affordable prices.

This is an economical step without having to reduce the luxury inherent in your interior. If you want to give off a luxurious feel, you may just have to buy a few dominant items at a high price, ensuring they can dominate the impression that your building’s interior exudes. For the rest, you can look for cheap items or imitation items that will certainly be disguised by these luxury items.

3. Mixing too many colors in one room is a bad idea

The color combination will make your rooms look beautiful, but remember! Mixing too many colors is a bad idea which will only make your room look like an abstract painting. Excessive color combinations can also lift your mood.

4. Consider using one color theme

We recommend that you use one dominant color for each room. You can of course use a combination of colors but one dominant color is important. It will reinforce what you want to convey by coloring your room.


5. Use proper lighting

Depending on the atmosphere you want to give a room, the decoration or the type of light you want, the choice of interior lighting often gives you headaches. A room can be illuminated with direct, indirect, diffused light, filtered by pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, spotlights, ceiling lights, etc. There are a multitude of sizes, shapes and designs. A ceiling lamp can be used as direct lighting (on a dining table), indirect (using a shade to create a cozy atmosphere) or ambient (to create a refined and intimate atmosphere, etc.) or even diffuse (filtered by a material that smoothes the luminous flux). The right combination can improve your mood.

6. Test your ideas online

Once you’ve decided on your ideas and styles, it’s time to test them online. The easiest way is to use Google Images or Pinterest. Type in a keyword related to your idea / style and you will see lots of pictures that are close to what you have chosen. If you still like it, move on!

7. Ask for samples

You’ve done everything. Now is the time to leave it to the professionals. Ask for samples of the work they have done. This will assure you that you have chosen the right company. If you live in London, make sure you only deal with the right developers like the Lanbury Group.

Hopefully the 7 tips from Lanbury’s Ben Kelly and Ben Gannon above can guide you in creating the interior that you want.