Home Bathrooms Take Your Bathroom to the Next Century with Smart Technology

Take Your Bathroom to the Next Century with Smart Technology

Take Your Bathroom to the Next Century with Smart Technology

Smart technology is all around us and has become a part of our daily lives. Whether you like it or not, smart tech is here to stay and will soon be a part of just about every device, car, home, and building in the world around us.

Smart technology is not just for manufacturing and big industry anymore. Smart tech is now making our homes better, more convenient, and safer. It’s estimated that roughly 12.2 percent of households will be smart homes or use smart technology in 2021, and one of the most popular rooms for smart tech is the bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, going smart makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.

Black Is the Hot Color for Smart Bathrooms


Smart bathrooms look best with darker colors. Black is destined to be the most popular color choice for smart bathrooms in 2021. This doesn’t mean that you have to paint your bathroom with black walls and make it look like something out of a horror movie. When paired with white, gray, and other colors, black gives a smart bathroom a sleek, futuristic, and modern look that makes it unique and eye-catching.

Lines look great in a smart bathroom. Pairing unique textures, patterns, and prints in tiles, sinks, and tubs with unique custom doors and cabinets will take any bathroom to the next level of unique beauty. Custom glass, metal, and wood doors for bathrooms and showers are a popular choice for just about every type of smart bathroom decor theme.

Properly planning a smart bathroom remodel should include knowing where to buy custom doors, smart appliances, showers, and fixtures to meet your design theme.

Bathrooms for the New Era

A smart toilet is an absolute must for any smart bathroom, but a smart toilet should be just the beginning. To really give your bathroom a high-tech upgrade, include amenities like a smart shower that can be set to start automatically, smart sinks, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker system so you can groove to your favorite tunes while showering. But a smart bathroom is not just about tech. It’s about shapes as well.

If you want to give your new smart bathroom a truly futuristic and modern appeal, consider adding square, rectangular, and other uniquely shaped tubs, sinks, and wall decorations that sport sharp lines and angles.

Benefits of a Smart Bathroom


The average person spends roughly 30 minutes per day in the bathroom, and that’s just going to use the toilet. When you add the time people spend showering and grooming, it’s easy to see why smart bathrooms are so attractive. Smart bathrooms save time, are very convenient, and have the added benefit of lowering your water bills. Smart toilets can detect how much water is needed and flush using just the right amount necessary. A smart toilet can flush with as little as 0.6 gallons of water per flush.

Smart toilets can also be equipped with self-raising and lowering seats, seat warmers, and leak detectors. For convenience, smart showers can be set to start before you get in the shower, and smart faucets can turn on and off and dispense water at a preset temperature without turning any knobs, which makes them convenient and more sanitary.

Saving Money and the Environment With Smart Tech

Going green and protecting the environment should be on everyone’s agenda in 2021 and beyond. Smart toilets and faucets conserve water, and when you combine smart toilets, showers, and faucets with on-demand heating, you can save money on energy bills as well as water bills.

Smart home technology is not for everyone, but it’s quickly becoming the status quo for new homes. Adding smart features to a bathroom will add value to your home and provide you and your family with some amazing features that will make life a little easier and more convenient. You don’t have to remodel your entire home to take advantage of smart home technology. You can start your smart bathroom upgrade with a few smart gadgets, fixtures, and decor.

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