There once was a time when grand, embellished living rooms dripping with chandeliers, ornate velvet and silk coverings were considered elegant. Then, cozy and comfortable living rooms became the norm for families to relax and spend some quality time together.

Today, modern living rooms serve many purposes. Although lacking in the pomp and frills of their older counterparts, many modern living rooms embody a contemporary feel by incorporating a sleek mix of design styles. Here are some ways to create the perfect modern living room:
Think Comfort and Style
1 Think Comfort and Style: Create a warm and cozy space with comfortable couches, a calming color palette, and a focal point. Use a mix of décor styles by mixing up distressed wood décor with throw blankets, and a mix of textured cushions.

2 Mix it up: Add abstract art, unique décor and light fixtures to create an eclectic space. Mix traditional pieces of furniture with modern styles. The combination of styles creates a unique combination packed with character.

3 Go Old-School: Combine distressed wood pieces with antiques and upholstered furniture. Add mirrors to help small rooms look larger and add a touch of polish to your décor. Remember, white walls paired with translucent furnishings make good use of negative space to create an airy, spacious feel. Create a focal wall to create a huge impact without being too flashy. A focal wall helps center the living room.

4 Be Dramatic: Bright pops of color can add drama to a living room. Colorful sofas or accessories can add excitement when all other room furnishings are neutral-colored. Unique and dramatic light fixtures can grab your attention in a living room.

The trick is to find pieces that add drama while fitting in well with everything else. Create wall collages of simple artwork for a colorful, relaxing atmosphere. Contrasting colors and patterns can add personality. Mix it up with individual pieces that are in contrast with the other.
Be Bold
5 Be Bold: You can integrate bold patterns with bold colors. Mix it up by creating a soothing space with simple furnishings and clean lines. Keep it from becoming boring by contrasting sharp lines with curves.

6 Be Simple: Large windows open up a living room and connect it with the outdoors. To make the most of the open space, keep your furnishings minimalist. A combination of black, white and grey can look both contemporary and neutral. Pair it with some bold graphic art. Pair brown and gold with light colors like pale blue, yellow or pink for a chic look.

7 Add Comfort: Place pillows throughout the room. Pillows and cushions can be placed in corners, on the floor, on the sofa, on benches. An eclectic mix of pillows and throws can draw attention to any neutral sofas or furnishings. Sometimes, a statement piece of furniture can tie all other furnishings together. An antique, unusual or unique piece can stand out without looking out of place. Finally, visit your modern furniture store to add bold, stylish, and contemporary new pieces to your home.

By following these seven tips you can easily modernize your home and be the envy of your friends.Moreover, a modern looking home will reduce your stress when recuperating from work.