If you’ve had a tree in your yard for many years it can be hard to decide that it’s time for it to go. Trees are majestic and it’s highly likely that you’ll become attached to them. There are many emotional and physical factors that need to be accounted for before you can pick up the phone ad contact the best firm for tree lopping Sydney.

If you’re considering whether removing the tree is the right decision or not then take a look at the following, if your tree falls into any of the following categories it’s probably time for it to come down.


Tress can be damaged by heavy storms, lightning strikes, and other events. In many cases, a tree can survive and flourish, especially if you trim away the damaged part.

However, if your tree is more than 50% damaged then it is unlikely it will be able to recover.
In fact, it is likely to become a hazard to you and the others in your neighborhood, it means it’s time to remove it.


It’s a good idea to check your tree periodically to ensure the trunk is solid and strong. As tress age, or if they are attacked by pests, the insides of them can become hollow. Obviously, this affects their ability to stand, especially in bad weather.

In short, if your tree has a hollow trunk then it is much more likely to fall in a storm and potentially cause a lot of damage. Assuming your tree is close enough to any property to cause damage, you’re going to need to remove it.

If it’s stood far enough away that it won’t hit anything when it falls then you may want to leave it, but it is likely that a big storm will bring it down.

Dead Branches

Some parts of every tree die each year and can simply be pruned back. But, if you notice there is an excessive number of dead branches, especially if they are all on one side of the tree, then you need to remove the tree. This kind of damage suggests that the tree has become diseased.
Dead Branches
If you don’t bring it down it will only be a matter of time before it comes down by itself.


This can be the hardest decision of all. A tree’s roots generally take up 2-4 times the area below the soil as the branches do above the soil. This applies to the diameter and not the depth. That means a large tree in your yard could have roots going under your house potentially damaging your foundations.

If this is the case you’ll want to get professional conformation and you may need to remove the tree before your foundations are badly damaged. The same is true if it’s close to a boundary wall or even to the road.

Don’t forget that trees can grow into power lines which can be a real issue but doesn’t mean the tree needs to be felled. It does mean you’ll need a professional to trim it back for you and stop it growing to the power lines again.