Vehicle magnets are now available in various sizes and shapes to suit all cars and other vehicles. You need to do a bit of pre-planning to get the best fitting car magnets for your purpose, and here we will discuss the expert answers to a few frequently asked questions about custom car magnets.

Car magnet Q&A

Q. How much life can you expect for car magnets and car signs?

If you follow all the maintenance instructions and give it proper care, you may expect up to three years of life for your car magnet or even more.

Q. In which all sizes standard car magnets are available?

These are available in various sizing, starting from as small as 6 x 12” and upwards to above 24 x 48” etc.

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Q. Is a car magnet a solid magnetic shield?

The answer is ‘yes. Usually, the magnetic signs are one solid magnetic sheet, which is about .030 mil thick and magnetized thoroughly to the top standards ensuring a perfect fit.

Q. Is the corners of the magnetic signs rounded? What is the purpose of it?

Usually, corners of the magnetic signs are rounded to reduce wind resistance and prevent any unintentional damage to the finish of the vehicle or paint. This makes the magnets more visually appealing too.

Q. What type of warranty comes with car magnets?

Usually, there may not be any warranty for magnet fly-offs, but there are chances that you may get discounts on re-orders for the same. Always make sure that you get strong car magnets with quality magnetic sheets which will not simply fly off on being properly installed.

You need to remember while applying magnetic signs that you should not apply those to vehicles with custom paints or aftermarket rewords like vinyl wrapping or airbrushing. Also, if you place magnets in the wrong position, they will not fix properly. In that case, you need to remove the magnetic shield fully and reaffix it. While removing the magnet does not pull it across the vehicle surface as it may adversely affect the paint finish due to resistive friction. Also, remove the magnetic signs before doing a car wash.

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Car magnet care and maintenance

Once you apply the car magnet, it is also important that you try to clean it with warm water and use mild detergent regularly. Dry it off completely with a soft fibered cloth. Avoid the use of any strong chemicals, which may harm the finish of your vehicle surface. To protect the clear coat or vinyl finishing on some of the new vehicles, it is recommended that you remove the signs daily. It is also essential to a generous waxing of both surfaces where you place the sign and the sign’s back. 

To prevent any uneven fading of paint, it is also recommended to remove the sign from time to time and leave the surface under sunlight for 24 hours before applying the sign. If the magnetic sign is removed from the car, keep it in a dry place completely flat without pressing it. If taken care of well, car magnetics can usually last for many years by keeping its shine.