Blinds have a long history. Egyptians and Romans have used blinds. But, the western world began to produce modern roller blinds (commercially) after the year 1800. 

Now, these blinds have become one of the most popular window coverings. Curtains are still there. But, blinds are a far better option. 

Blinds are stylish and they can protect privacy. Moreover, modern blinds are smart and motorized. That’s why roller blinds have become a favorite part of modern households. 

Types Of Roller Blinds 

1) Blackout Blinds 

Blackout blinds can block almost 98% of light. It can make your room dark and it won’t allow light to escape your room.

2) UV Filtering Blinds 

Some blinds can filter UV lights. These blinds may block light partially. But, these blinds can protect you from harmful UV rays. 

3) Light Filtering Blinds 

Light filtering blinds can block over 90% of sunlight. These blinds can allow minimal light inside your room. As a result, you can see everything inside your room. But, your eyes won’t meet direct sunlight. 

Roller Blinds3

4) Motorized Blinds 

These are called smart blinds. You can connect a smart home hub or a smartphone to control these blinds. Usually, smart roller blinds are operated through motors. So, these blinds can save your time and effort. 

Why Should You Use Roller Blinds? 

1) Protects From UV Rays 

UV rays are not good for your skin. These rays (UVA and UVB) can damage your skin in many ways. These rays can accelerate your skin cell’s aging process. Hence, you should use blinds. Blinds can protect you and your family from sunlight’s UV rays because UV rays can reach inside your room and can damage your skin. 

2) Helps To Retain Privacy 

Curtains are light. Wind can make them flutter. Moreover, light can pass through curtains. But, blinds can block sunlight and artificial light. By installing blinds, you can enhance your room’s safety and security. You can turn on the light at night, and you can enjoy your room. Nobody would be able to see through your windows. There are also options for mortised roller blinds in Perth and other locations if that is of interest. That can be ideal when trying to maintain your privacy as you can instantly give yourself privacy. 

3) Blocks Light 

Sunlight can come through your window, and it can ruin your morning sleep. Blackout blinds can block sunlight. Thus, you can keep your room almost dark even in the daytime. 

4) Balances Temperature 

The best part of blinds is that they can keep your rooms cool. So, in the summer blinds can help you to balance your room’s temperature. Apart from that, blinds can also save your energy bills. Hence, blinds are truly important for your house. 

Roller Blinds3

5) Excellent and Eye-Catching Designs 

Modern blinds have attractive designs. You can now have several colorful blinds to choose from. Apart from that, printed blinds are also available. So, blinds can make your room look stunning.

6) Durable 

Great quality blinds are not so easy to fade. These blinds can absorb UV rays. Thus, high-quality blinds will last for years. 

7) Easy To Install 

Usually, blinds have only three parts – brackets, screws, and the blind fabric. That’s why the blind installation process is super easy. You can install and uninstall blinds within a very short time. 

Modern blinds can be controlled through smartphones. These blinds can retain privacy and it’s really easy to wash them. Moreover, modern blinds are stylish and they can block UV rays. Hence, you can choose roller blinds without any hesitation.