Multigenerational homes consist of families of different generations living together under a single roof. This is not out of the ordinary in the US, in fact it is on the rise because this style of home is both affordable and practical. In addition, they offer greater quality time with family members since more people are living under the same roof.  

The basic idea of multigenerational homes is two adult generations living together. Oftentimes this consists of middle-aged to senior adults and one or more adult children. But it is not uncommon for young children or grandchildren to live there as well.  

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In this kind of home, the different generations have the privilege of living within their space and having privacy. Most of these homes even have separate kitchens and living areas. 

Multigenerational Home2

Benefits of staying in multigenerational homes

  • Economically efficient

In this style of home, all families generally share expenses. For example, insurance costs are cut drastically if shared between multiple families. In addition, the travel time and expenses to see relatives decreases since more family members are already together. If you have children, daycare centers are no longer a necessity. And no matter how many family members decide to live in the home, there are always options to make it a single efficient home. 

Not only are expenses shared, but there are more contributors to the household income. The more adults who contribute, the further the money can stretch.

  • Helps keep the family safe

In case of emergency there will be other family members willing and able to help, providing a more stress-free lifestyle and peace of mind. 

Multi gen homes are an excellent choice for aging parents. Those who are no longer able to live on their own have the ability to live at home once again with their children. Another benefit of inviting your relatives to stay under one roof is the individual relationships will strengthen. 

Multigenerational Home3

Sharing of chores in the houses

In this style of home, the grandparents oftentimes stay home while the children go to school. Having grandparents at home can lift the burden of hiring a nanny to look after the children, while also having extra hands to assist with cooking and cleaning. Sharing the responsibilities of grocery shopping, meal preparation, and household chores allows everyone to carry less of a burden and have more free time. 


After determining that a multigenerational home is the right decision for you and your family, select the house plan that suits your family the best. Ensuring that the home provides adequate space for all family members and allowing everyone to voice their opinion when deciding on a plan will help the process go more smoothly.