Bedroom is the most adorable and favorite space in the house of every one of us, especially for the married ones. It is the place to comfortable sit and relaxes after a hard and hectic day at work. It is the sanctuary of our home.
The bedroom is a place where we lay to rest and relax a place where we can be serene and chilled out and be our oneself. There are plenty of design ideas available in the market as well as you can search online also. Modern bedroom designs can help create these moods and feelings from its simplicity and warmth.

We know there is a lot to be said for old style charm in a bedroom, but unfortunately it can look somewhat out of place when located in a modern property. Henry Kate Design Co. is the biggest and very famous designer firm of their time. They have created miracles with their designs. Often these designs for contemporary bedrooms will then translate well when a person chooses to use some of the features within their own decorating scheme.

Today we have gathered a newly designed “Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom Design” by Henry Kate Design Co. Melanie and the team at Henry Kate Design Company making unique and beautiful singular spaces for every client by according to their expectation and budget. Melanie and the team serving in Houston, TX Metropolitan Area also awarded with Best of Houzz, Service 2015, Runner Up PaperCity Design Awards 2016. Checkout the collection and get inspired!

project By: Henry Kate Design Co.

Contemporary Bedroom Design

Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom

The bedroom is airy and beautiful designed in the attic has pulled of the effortlessly cool appearance due to the rouged and yet soothing effect that the hardwood walls create in the interior.

Contemporary Bedroom1

Contemporary Bedroom2

The blend of industrial, chic and contemporary interior which works a perfect backdrop in this amazing bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom3

Side table which is very different from the interior is not at all ignored by viewers.

Contemporary Bedroom4

Contemporary Bedroom5

We love how the hardwood wall design and contemporary bed creates soothing and sleek foundation along with perfectly matched headboard.

Contemporary Bedroom6

Contemporary Bedroom7

Rustic Beautiful Chandelier

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