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Different Ways To Use Your Nightstand For Storage

Different Ways To Use Your Nightstand For Storage

When designing your bedroom, choosing the right pieces can get confusing. Besides the bed, what other furniture do you need to fit your lifestyle? Often, the nightstand is overlooked, but if storage is a concern, you should consider adding them to your decor.

The additional surface area they bring to the room can be used to hold several items. It’s convenient to have a lamp within arm’s reach if you like to read in bed. When you’re ready to call it a night, you don’t want to get up from the coziness of your bed and walk across the room just to put the book on a shelf and hit the light switch.

Place your alarm clock on the nightstand, and you won’t have to go far to hit the snooze button on those mornings you need to grab a few extra Zs. If you like to keep a cup or bottle of water nearby during the night, set it on the bedside table instead of traveling to the kitchen when you get thirsty. Your reading glasses will also have a safe resting place.

Do you charge your phone during the night? If so, invest in a nightstand with USB charging ports. That allows you to keep your phone close and ensures it will be ready to use the next day. If you watch tv from the bed, use the surface for your remote controls.

While there are several designs, nightstands with drawers offer even more storage options. If you’re an avid reader, keep your books or magazines in the drawer for easy access. In case your bedside table doesn’t have USB charging ports, store your chargers in the drawer.

A small chest with two or three drawers works best when you have multiple items you like to keep close while in bed. A drawer for tissues and cold or headache medicine comes in handy when you’re not feeling well and only want to rest in bed. Hand lotion, lip balm, and other moisturizers can also have their own drawer.

If you watch movies on your laptop or finish up work on your tablet before turning in for the night, you won’t have to go far to put your device away. Your journal is another item you can keep tucked away in one of the drawers. If you value privacy, find a nightstand with drawers that lock.

Crafts and hobbies you work on while in bed should have a space in your nightstand. Knitting tools and yarn can be stored or a sketch pad and pencils. Any nighttime gear can be kept in a drawer also. Store your pajamas, headscarves, sleep masks, and more in the bottom drawer to open up space for other clothing items in your dresser.

As you can see, drawers in your bedside table can really make a difference in how you live in your bedroom. They are extremely useful and a great way to add function and style to the space.