Eclectic Kids Room Design Ideas

We all love to make others happy. And the feeling you get when you make children happy can’t be described in words. A child’s room is the most colorful and decorative room of every house. A colorful room enhances our mood. A dull room would make the children dull and lazy. So it’s very important to have the best decor in your child’s room.

“The brighter the color on his wall, the wider the smile on his face.” YES! It is true. Here are some points you should consider before decorating your child’s room. Follow these points and bring a smile on you kid’s face.

  • Bright colors make us active. Colors such as white, off white or cream color are the perfect colors for the walls. Contrasting colors on the walls and the bed is also a combination you can look upon.
  • If you like to have some texture on the walls, you can go with bright-colored-textured wallpaper. Wallpapers having flower print, polka dots, symmetrical shapes look the best. Only one wall covered with the wallpaper and rest having no texture makes the room look attractive.
  • Colorful paintings on the wall, wall hangings, table lamps and soft toys make the room look more lively.
  • Single beds with bouncy mattresses is what children love. Printed bed sheets attract children more than the plain ones. Light colored bed sheet with pink colored blanket is the perfect combination to have in girl’s room.
  • If the room is to be shared by two or more kids, then a bunk bed is what you should look for.
  • Wooden floors look great with all kinds of rooms. However, if you wish to add more colors in the room, a colorful carpet would make the task easy for you!

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