The cost of replacing your boiler after it malfunctions or decreases its effectiveness is mostly unaccounted for. Unfortunately, not replacing it could come with other expenses you had not planned for either. With that said, it is vital to keep a close eye on your boiler to know when something is not right. Many homeowners in the UK use boilers and that means you can get a great company to install a new boiler. However, how do you know it is time to upgrade your boiler? This decision can be hard, especially if you had not set some money for this. However, when you come to the decision, consider Heatworks UK boiler installations. In this article, we have compiled a list of the things that can help you know the right time to replace the boiler. Check them out below.

  • Age of the Boiler System

Every appliance has a lifespan and when this time ends, the appliance operates on borrowed time and that means it can break down any time. One thing that will help you determine if it’s the best time to replace the boiler is its age. How long have you had the boiler? Most boilers last between 15 to 26 years. If your boiler is within this range and needs constant repairs, consider installing a new one. 

  • Decreasing Efficiency

Is your boiler functioning as before? How long does it take to heat the water? Is the water hot enough? These are crucial questions you should ask yourself. With time and wear, boilers reduce in functionality such that they don’t function as efficiently as before. Therefore, it may be time to get a new model if you feel there is a big change in its efficiency. 

  • Leaks

Common causes of boiler leaks are corrosion, poor installation, high pressure, wear, and tear, among other causes. If you notice leaks on the boiler, you should contact an expert immediately. Leaks could be an indication that a huge problem is close by. Replacing a leaky boiler could save you from catastrophes in the future. 

  • Spreading Corrosion

Corrosion happens when air leaks into the boiler. Even if most boilers are created in a way to resist corrosion, this problem can develop with time if broken valves are allowing in air. Corrosion happens as a result of the reaction between burners and heat exchangers. It may then be time to replace the boiler if the problem has spread throughout the system.

  • Increasing Upkeep Cost

You need to properly maintain the boiler to keep it running longer. However, if you notice that the amount of maintaining the system keeps increasing every year, you might have to consider replacing it. Replacing it may come with a high initial cost, but it will save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Weird Noises

Boilers are silent, especially when new. At some point, you may start to hear tiny noises. You need to differentiate between normal and abnormal boiler noises. If you hear banging or clanging noises that startle you sometimes, it means there is a problem and an indication that you should replace the boiler. 

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These are warning signs that you should replace your boiler. We have a wide range of appliances you can choose from, and the good thing is that we do the installations for you.