Whether you are refreshing your room with new furniture or overhauling the entire house, you should buy timeless furniture. The ones you can count on to make the right statement, and you can pass down to the next generation. Besides, furniture built to last is more sustainable than those ending up as landfills after a year or two. Investing in furniture that leaves an impression will ensure they are well taken care of, translating to years or decades of use.

Here are some of the tips that will guide you when investing in furniture that guarantees they become part of the household for many years to come:

Do a background check.

Before deciding where to source your furniture, narrow into the vendors’ details, go through online shopping reviews from past clients in review sites like ReviewsBird and see what other clients who bought furniture had to say. If you select an item online and have positive reviews, then give it a shot from its past users.  If you are buying from a brick and mortar shop, unzip the cushions to check the padding. The weight provides an excellent way to check if the cushions are authentic and durable. Here is a rule of thumb: the heftier an item, the likely it is to last.

Seek for furniture with materials and upholstery of substance


When it comes to material, every aspect of furniture is essential. The wooden part plays a vital role in ensuring sturdiness of furniture, the fabric and upholstery provide elegance and presentation. When buying furniture you want to last, make sure the raw materials meet the minimum threshold. Examine the type of wood or metal used before accepting the offer.  

Inspect wood construction

Inspect wood pieces that come together to form the furniture, pay more attention to joints and other construction details. Dovetails, mortise and tenon joints indicate signs of superb joinery. While inspecting the pieces of wood that form a part of the furniture, look out for knots. Too many of them is a sign that your furniture will not remain sturdy for a long time. When you see glue and nails barely, that is not a good sign of quality work. Examine the corners and seams to ensure they cannot come undone easily. The construction of any furniture is paramount, and quality goes hand in hand with durability.  

Inspect fabrics for softness


Like you would do with your clothing, you won’t want scratchy clothes on your body, and the same goes to the fabric on furniture and upholstery. Your hands won’t like fabrics on throw pillows and other accessories of your furniture that are scratchy. Like you would for your clothes, do the same for the materials—colour matters and the thickness of the fabric.

Look for authentic materials.

If you invest in high-end furniture, make sure they are authentic and stand the test of time. For example, the silver-coated table ensures refinishing is possible when the table is outlived or rusty.