What is the look of your ideal kitchen space? What are the dominating color schemes? Thinking broadly about kitchen colors is the first thing that you need to do if you want to have a beautiful kitchen space. This article reviews blue and white kitchens to help you figure out if this unique color combination can help you achieve your kitchen dreams. 

The combination of blue and white is eternal in a kitchen space. You will achieve multiple design benefits if you consider these two colors as the dominating ones.

How does a blue and white kitchen look?

The beauty of blue and white kitchens is unmatched. The two colors contrast well to the benefit of the homeowner. If you are not convinced about their beauty, you should check out some ideas on Pinterest to see how they will fit in your kitchen.

So, when you choose blue and white as your dominating kitchen colors, you have many decisions to make this color scheme useful. We will talk about the design options that you have to make the best out of the blue and white color combination.

How to design a blue and white kitchen?

How are you going to blend blue and white in your kitchen space? If you don’t get it right here, you will not enjoy the aesthetic beauty of blue and white kitchen spaces.

Dark blue cabinetry and white countertop 

One of the finest ideas is to install blue cabinetry that has white countertops. The aesthetic appearance of this decision is great. You can either choose pure white or a shade of white as the countertop color.

While using this idea, you should ensure that the shades that were chosen rhyme well. You can check out the colors before you choose to install them in your kitchen space.

Glossy white and contrast of blue

How about creating a sharp contrast between blue and white? It is possible to have a set of glossy white cabinets contrasting with blue walls or a kitchen island. It creates an impactful look for anyone interested in a blue-and-white kitchen. 

This is an interior design tip that works well for small kitchen spaces that need the white element to project the perception of more space.

Mix and match 

Another common idea is to place blue and white side by side when installing kitchen cabinets and other equipment. You will have to think deeply about this idea before you choose to implement it.

It is an idea that is often used in large kitchen spaces where homeowners have the luxury of trying any design ideas of their choice.

Create a kitchen island

The old idea of creating a kitchen island can work perfectly in a blue-and-white kitchen. It serves as a focal point that allows you to create an aesthetic and functional center in the kitchen space.

You can use the contrast of blue and white on the kitchen island. For example, you can have a solid blue table with white chairs. The ideas depend on your color preference and the dynamics in your kitchen space.

Unique benefits of blue and white kitchen

There are many unique benefits that you get for choosing to install a blue and white kitchen space.

Great aesthetics 

On top of the reasons why you would want to have a kitchen space with blue and white colors is beauty. These are beautiful kitchen colors that work well to create a striking appearance for both homeowners and visitors alike.

However, you have to get it right with the color blend for you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of blue and white kitchen space.

Makes a kitchen space feel larger

The presence of white is enough to reflect light into the kitchen. This creates a perception of more space in the kitchen, which can help you hide your relatively small kitchen space and make it feel airy. Lighter shades of blue are also relatively good at reflecting light to the kitchen.


Are you worried about the kitchen trend and how fast it moves? Well, you can beat the trend by installing a blue and white kitchen space that is not subjected to contemporary trends. This combination is a timeless design idea that will always work with any kitchen trend.

It also serves as a benefit for homeowners who don’t want to reinvest in kitchen remodeling often when the trend changes. With this color combination, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the trends.

Cool contrast 

White is a classic bright color while blue is a bold and calm color. This combination creates a cool contrast that homeowners can use to build a kitchen space that is accommodating.

How to improve the look of a blue and white kitchen?

There are several ideas that you can borrow if you want to improve the appearance of a kitchen with blue and white elements. Check out these top ideas:

Install warm lighting 

The first idea is to change your lighting to fit the lighting demands of a blue-and-white kitchen. Since white is bright and reflects lots of light, you should calm it with warm light fixtures. For example, you might want to add a chandelier on top of a kitchen island to calm the kitchen space.

Make the colors Functional 

You should examine the space that you have in your kitchen to determine how color can make it functional.

  • For a small kitchen space, you should emphasize more on white because it reflects light and make the kitchen look bigger than it is.
  • For a large kitchen space, the focus should be blue because it makes the room feel close and warm.


The decision to create a blue and white kitchen space can be one of the best. You just have to consider some of the design ideas shared above and compare them with what you have to determine if it is viable for you to change your kitchen look.