Windows through which light enters two floors at once are called second light. They are located in several rows, and part of the underfloor overlap adjacent to the windows is absent.

The easiest way to organize such an interior is in a private house, but this is also possible in some city apartments located on two levels. However, such a design technique will work in full measure only in vast spaces with an area of ​​at least 200 sq. M.


Advantages and disadvantages of the second light

The second light is an original and stylish solution that has many advantages.

  •   By creating such a space, the owner gets a brighter, more spacious room.
  •  More light enters the room, due to which it is possible to emphasize the spectacular decoration and the originality of the furnishings.
  •   It is wrong to think that the second light looks organic only in loft interiors. This design allows you to favorably emphasize the dignity of the Empire, classic, baroque, and even rustic furnishings.

Second light

However, when choosing this way of organizing space, it is worth considering the following points.

  •   The living area of ​​the rooms will decrease.
  •   In winter, it will be more difficult to heat a room of this size.
  •  Due to the extensive glazing area, significant heat losses are inevitable.
  •  Taking care of the window opening will be more difficult.

It is necessary to carefully think over and organize a particular heating and ventilation system so that the air generally circulates in a large room – only a specialist can cope with this task.

How to create a room with a second light

How to create a room with a second light

When building a private house, it makes sense to provide for such a solution at the design stage – this will save the owner from unnecessary hassle and costs.

Suppose the project does not provide for such an option. In that case, it is possible to dismantle part of the underfloor overlap – this is a technically complex and time-consuming process that will require particular calculations and approvals.

Various types of modern window constructions are used for glazing:

  •  Standard profiles made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, placing them one above the other;
  •  Dormer and cornice windows;
  •  Facade glazing;
  •  Panoramic windows on the lower tier combined with ordinary double-glazed windows on the second.

Space design guidelines

Space design guidelines

  •   Good acoustics distinguish a room with a second light. If you play music, the sound will be excellent here. It is also a great place to set up a home theater.
  •   Consider a room lighting system. Here you will need a massive central chandelier with a sufficiently bright light hanging from the ceiling, as well as local devices for comfortable lighting of individual functional areas.
  •   A particular dimming system is required. It is not always convenient to use traditional curtains with such window heights. They may have to be replaced with roller blinds or roman blinds, blinds.
  •   Considerable space is well complemented by extensive interior details, massive furniture, shelves, or shelves that occupy the entire wall – to use them, and you will need particular stairs. A grand fireplace will decorate the interior and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

A house with a second light looks impressive both from the facade and from the inside. But for the correct organization of the space, it is better to use the help of a professional designer – he will help to take into account and emphasize all the advantages of such an architectural solution.