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How To Make A Care Home Room Feel More Like Home

How To Make A Care Home Room Feel More Like Home

Moving into a care home or senior living community is a huge step in your life, and you will want to make your new accommodation feel as homely and comfortable as possible. There are various styles and types of accommodation in a community, and yours will depend on many factors, such as the type of care you will be receiving. 

Regardless of your accommodation, it is essential to make it as comfortable as possible. Adding different personal touches can help achieve this and bring a little bit of your home with you. Here are a couple of ideas to give you inspiration when it comes to making your care home room feel more like home. 


Did you know that certain colors can evoke different feelings and emotions? Color psychology is the study of how color impacts human behavior, and you can use this to your advantage when creating your desired atmosphere in your new room. Cool colors such as blues and greens can help to evoke a calming and peaceful ambiance, while warm tones can be stimulating. You may not be able to redecorate any walls, but you can bring in pops of color in smaller ways, such as artwork, clothing, soft furnishings, or ornaments. Doing so can help the atmosphere feel less impersonal and sterile and let it reflect your personality more. 


When making a place feel like home, it can help to focus on the different senses. Various textures can evoke different emotions and memories, and therefore using these in your room may make you feel more at home. For example, you may have a specific item that is comforting or a favorite fabric. Using these in your room alongside various colors can create a relaxing atmosphere that is reminiscent of your home or another place you feel comfortable. 

Personal items

Whatever the style of accommodation and location of your community, bringing in some of your personal items is a brilliant way to make your new home feel comforting and familiar. There will be many changes to get used to, so it can be beneficial to bring things that you know and are used to having around you, even if they are something as small as a photo frame or ornament. Senior living communities such as care homes uk put a lot of focus on making their residents feel secure and safe, as well as welcomed into their new homes. 


Another way to involve the senses is to use your sense of smell. As with color and texture, various scents can have an impact on your emotions and behavior. Have you ever caught the scent of something and had a sudden feeling of nostalgia? This could be because smells go to the parts of the brain that also control emotions and memory. In your care home, you may be able to do your own laundry, and therefore using the same products you would use at home can help bring some of the memories with you. If you have a favorite scent or perfume, using this can evoke feelings of familiarity and comfort.