Blame it on the fact that we had to stay indoors too long, throughout the last two years, but there is no doubt that most of us now encounter the need to feel as if we were outside, even when we are still in our home. This new trend is also true about cooking at home, as it seems like we have rediscovered the pleasure of creating a full meal for friends and family. Here are a few ideas to make your life better, by joining both interests.

Replace your Walls by Glass

Imagine if most, if not all of your kitchen wall, looking towards your backyard, was in glass. Then you would have the sentiment, even when they are closed, that you are fully enjoying nature outside. You can do so by installing thermally broken aluminium folding doors, which you can find at – window and door systems. The truth is, more and more houses being built today, have that feature, since it is considered a part of a modern indoor-outdoor kitchen, nowadays.

In winter, you will still feel very comfortable indoors, and you won’t raise your energy bills, since they are built with a thermal break. However, that sense of nature inside the house will still exist, as you will share unique moments, especially on a Christmas evening, as snows fall gently outside. In the summer, you can open the doors completely to let the warm air and the sunlight inside, while preparing lunch or dinner for everyone, to be shared on the patio.

Install Aluminium Passthrough folding Windows

That is another great idea to make the most of summer, while still benefiting from being able to cook inside. These aluminium passthrough folding windows, once open, create a large space where you can transfer food and drinks, directly outside. Seat your guests on the other side of the window, facing a bar table, and continue the conversation, still wearing the apron, and moving from fridge to oven freely. You won’t believe the difference it makes, as the sunlight comes inside, with a fresh breeze and friends and family will salivate at the wonderful smell coming from inside the house.

Turn your Balcony into a Patio

Of course, if you really want to have a seamless indoor/outdoor sensation, the design inside and outside the house has to match. If you open the kitchen to a small balcony, it simply won’t work. You should look into building a patio, where the tiling from inside the kitchen would continue onto it. Although you don’t have to choose furniture that will be identical to the inside, you should still try to match the colours. And even though the style will probably be more relaxed outside, some of the accessories should come in and enable the merger of the two worlds.

Finally, don’t hesitate to install a skylight onto the kitchen’s roof. That way, even if you close the blind, for more privacy, you will still invite the moon and the stars into your home. Now, you can cook and enjoy the outdoors at the same time, without having to recreate a second kitchen outside!