Nearly everyone follows a regular cleaning routine, however, only a few know how to speed clean their homes like a professional house cleaner. Nothing feels as good as finishing the cleaning chores quickly and sparing time for other fun activities.

Cleaning pros know how to clean the house fast and all the magical shortcuts to cleaning. Learn about the speed-cleaning tricks that professional cleaners swear by to clean the space right.

How to Speed Clean Your Home Like a Professional House Cleaner 

Most novices waste time thinking about when and where to start, whether or not to vacuum, and which areas to clean first. Fret not, here are some insider secrets and tricks to assist you in cleaning the house in half the time.

Block Out Distractions 

As for avoiding distraction, it is mainly turning off the phone, TV, and laptop as these things can get you sidetracked. Therefore, remove as many distractions as possible to clean fast. 

Effective Cleaning Routine 

Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, plan an effective house cleaning Timnath schedule and follow it religiously. Like the cleaning pros, do not rest until the cleaning job is done. The following cleaning routine will help you save plenty of time 

  • Declutter – First off, go to each corner of the house to pick up the clutter and trash. Throw away or donate magazines, old clothes, worn-out sneakers, and broken appliances to make space for new stuff.
  • Gather Cleaning Supplies – Next up, make sure you are equipped with all the cleaning essentials. After purchasing the required tools, keep them in one place so that you do not waste time looking for them.
  • Vacuum – Turn off the fans and start vacuuming the area one by one. Use a dusting tool to dust the furniture, shelves, picture frames, handrails, and TV screens. Use a microfiber cloth to clean hard-to-reach spots, glass surfaces, and mirrors. 
  • Disinfect Surface Areas – Disinfect and wipe down hard surfaces like countertops, appliances, telephones, and doorknobs. Simply put, disinfect any spaces that deliver germs to a person’s hand or face. Purchase a ready-made solution or make a  disinfectant solution at home.
  • Clean Sinks, Toilets, & Tubs – Most people forget about the kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as tubs and toilets. Spray cleaner on them, let them sit for a while, scrub, and rinse with water.
  • Sweep & Mop – Do not forget to sweep and mop floors for spotless cleaning. Keep cleaning the mop after covering a 4-by-4-foot area. 
  • Clean the Whole House – Choose one cleaning task, for instance, dusting or mopping, and do it in every room before moving on to the next. 

Ask For a Helping Hand 

Attack cleaning tasks with team efforts to get done with them quickly. Ask your roommates, friends, neighbors, and family members to help, and assign them cleaning tasks. Working with friends and associates will make this tiring job fun. 

Cleaning pros work in groups as it cuts down the cleaning time. After cleaning, return cleaning supplies to their designated space and spray the air freshener.