Do you know that the cabinetry color determines the interior outlook of a kitchen? This article will review how to use grey cabinetry to give your kitchen a facelift.

If you have never considered incorporating the color grey on your cabinetry, then do so now. The color grey is a neutral color that can blend with many different bold colors. Besides this, it comes in different shades, all of which are attractive. If choose it for your kitchen cabinets, you will have countless kitchen design options to choose from. In this article, we will explore ways in which grey kitchen cabinets can be used to enhance the appearance of a kitchen’s interior. 

Why Grey Cabinets?

There are uncountable reasons why you should consider grey cabinetry for your kitchen. Below are some of the reasons;

Adds Contrast to the Kitchen Area

Because the color grey is somehow dull, it is often blended with different bright colors. In such situations, grey works well to enhance color contrast. If your kitchen is made up of white walls, then grey kitchen cabinets will blend with white to enhance visual properties. 

Easy to Maintain

After black drawers, grey cabinetries are the easiest to clean. Partly like the color black, grey can hide dirt and scratch marks for a long time. Grey kitchen cabinets are popular in many homes today because they are easy to maintain. 

Countless Varieties

The color grey comes in varieties; and all these varieties have been applied to kitchen interior decoration. Whether you prefer the softer or darker shades on your cabinets, you will always find the color scheme of your choice, if you opt for the color grey. 

Grey is Versatile

The color grey looks good in all kitchen designs. Whether your kitchen has a rustic, traditional, classic, or modern appearance, grey kitchen cabinets will still fit in without altering the outlook. Because the color grey is a neutral color, you can install grey cabinetry in a kitchen with any type of flooring, including different tiling options. 

Grey-painted cupboards also look good with all kinds of backsplashes, ceilings, and floors. You can take advantage of the versatility of the color grey to enhance the look of your kitchen with grey cabinets. 

 Can I Improve the Look of my Grey Cabinetry?

There are many different ways of enhancing the outlook of grey kitchen cabinets. Below are some of the common options. 

  • Mix Colors 

Now that you know the color grey can be blended with various colors, you need to consider mixing colors in your kitchen. The mixture of grey and white is a common sight in many traditional and modern kitchens. 

Besides painting the walls, and ceiling and working on the flooring, you can install different metallic implements like stainless steel or gold appliances to instill a cheerful mood in the kitchen. 

  • Enhance the Lighting in your Kitchen 

Because the color grey has a darker tone, it is prone to absorb rather than reflect more light. Is your kitchen area entirely covered by grey cabinets? If yes then chances are that your kitchen is not very bright unless you have installed several artificial lighting fixtures. 

To make the looks of your grey cabinetry stand out, you need to install additional lighting. You can also partly enhance the lighting in your kitchen by painting the walls white. The bright hue of white will do more in absorbing light. 

  • Make your Kitchen Spacious 

You should create space in your kitchen area to amplify the beauty of your greyish drawers. Since grey is not so bright, several features of your cabinetry may fail to come out if the kitchen space is congested. Hence, with grey kitchen cabinets, you need to constantly free up your cooking for better outlooks. You can do the following to make your kitchen look spacious. 

  • Replace closed shelving with open shelving
  • Get rid of all used and unusable items
  • Clean and Maintain your Cabinetry

Regular cleaning and servicing of cabinetry is necessary if you want to make your grey cabinets look attractive. Although grey cabinetry can hide dirt due to the dark hue of grey, they are not resistant to untidiness or even tear and wear. Hence, you should ensure to clean your drawers regularly to make them look better. 

 What to Do When Buying Grey Cabinetry

As a homeowner, it is important to acquaint yourself with kitchen cabinetry buying tips when planning to buy grey kitchen cabinets.  

Here are the tips;

Consider the Shades of Grey

As already mentioned, the color grey has more than one shade. The shade of grey that you will decide to pick for your cabinets should not only align with the interior properties of your kitchen but also the layout. You need to read online reviews to see the different shades of grey that cabinetry comes with. 

Focus on the Quality

It is also important to consider the quality of the cabinet material you intend to buy. All the beautiful features of cabinets are lost where the material is poor in quality. High-quality material is more resistant to scratches and takes longer before recording the effects of tear and wear. 

Don’t Forget the Pricing

You can only buy what you can easily afford. Hence, you need to know the prices of cabinetries as well as the costs involved in their installation. The price of cabinetries can also tell you more about their quality, features, and style. 

What’s the Size of your Kitchen?

You must know the available space in your kitchen to determine the right cabinet size to buy. Depending on factors like price and design, Kitchen cabinets come in different sizes; hence, you need to know the size that fits your kitchen and budget. 

Final Thoughts

The colour grey is truly and impressive shade to apply on cabinetry. Its neutral properties make it perfect for use alongside other brighter colors. Apply the tips discussed in this article to enhance the interior look of your kitchen.