People have different preferences on the type of plants they may want to place indoors. The amount of time one has also determined the type of plant suitable for them since plants have varied attention and care needs. Several indoor plant picks meet everyone’s preferences and room conditions. Whether the room is small or large you can still spruce up your home with these indoor plant picks. These plants can be placed in a variety of indoor décor ideas which depend on the plant picks. Below are some of the home décor ideas for your favorite indoor plant picks.

1. Plant Risers

Plant Risers

This involves the arrangement of indoor plants in a stair step or a shelf-like arrangement on different levels vertically to create a fuller display. This arrangement is suitable for plant picks like herbs, basil and chives. This décor style is more suitable for kitchen settings for easy access to the plants while cooking.

2. Tiny Succulents

Small-sized succulents can be placed in tiny pots made out of clay also called terracotta-esque pots. The pots can also be decorated using acrylic paint to make them more appealing. This indoor plant décor can be placed in several locations within the house.

3. Trapping


This method of home décor using plants involves trapping the indoor plants by placing them in a hanging planter. The designs and color of the planters bring more life and color to the room. The hanging planters are easy to position and handle.

4. Wall Mounted

Selected home plant picks can also be grown by mounting them on a wall supported by a wooden base. This method is mostly used to fill empty room spaces in the house effectively.

5. Archaic Terracotta Pot

Archaic Terracotta Pot

This is the use of clay made pot that is quite aged and weathered such that it creates an appealing view that can be considered part of the farmhouse and rustic décor. The pot can be created by distressing it on your own using white paint and sandpaper.

6. Little Desert Garden

This is a planter in form of a ceramic bowl. They are best suitable for small cacti plants. The bowls are filled with pebbles and are a perfect decoration with low maintenance requirements.

7. Hanging Around

This is the arrangement of house plant picks in hanging planters with shelves. 

The planters are designed to be in harmony with the background and surroundings. The hanging planters should have the right tension and weight.


A plain home interior can be quite boring. Plant home decors give the indoor space a fresh look and redecorate the place making it look more appealing and satisfying. There is a variety of simple plant interior décor that one can use in their home to change the atmosphere to make it livelier and more vibrant. Plants change a home making it serene, beautiful, and even freshen the air. Depending on the type of indoor plant picks, one can choose a creative way of using them to decorate the home.