There is nothing more relaxing than taking a warm bubbly bath to let your cares fade away. But do you wonder when the last time you soaked in the bathtub was? It is considered a luxury nowadays and it’s so rare to have enough time for a long soak. Showers are quicker and suit our daily lifestyles, which is why most homeowners are now ditching traditional bath and shower combos and converting them into stand-alone shower rooms.

In case you are living in old construction, you may still have a 5/8 foot space toilet, a small vanity, and a tub. The space is relatively small for any household. If we talk about the average area, a bathroom cover is 40 square feet, and a standard tub is usually 15 square feet. Bathrooms see a lot of walk-ins and walk-outs. Cramped or congested spaces induce stress. All you need is one oversized stand-alone shower.

Let’s dive in and see why you should ditch your tub/shower combo for a bog standing shower.

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Increased Space

The most significant benefit you will have once you decide to replace the bathtub and shower combo with a stand-alone shower is the increased space. Bathrooms are the smallest spaces in our homes besides closets. Tubs grab a vast area of that precious floorspace. If you remove the 15 square feet (the average space of a tub), you will free up a considerable amount of space in your bathroom.  

Or, if the standalone shower is replacing the tub and taking up the same amount of floorspace, your bathroom will still look bigger! The illusion of the glass walls and light tile backsplash in your shower will make your bathroom feel more open and airy than before. 

Less Water Consumption

The next best benefit of having a shower rather than a tub is that it uses less water. A bathtub consumes 70 gallons of water to fill, whereas a shower only takes 10 to 25 gallons of water. If you consider this benefit in the longer run, you will see that it will reduce the water usage and the electricity used to heat the water.

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Modernized Look

Removing a traditional tub or shower with a walk-in shower creates a more modernized look of your bathroom. It also increases the resale value of your home. Most homeowners now prefer to update the old bathrooms with new walk-in showers. It grabs the attention of buyers, especially if it is a large spacious shower.

Ease Of Cleaning

Tubs are not easy to clean and disinfect. Doing so is timely and not very fun either. Cleaning showers is easier than cleaning all of the corners and crevices of a tub. You’ll have to deal with less soap scum on the sides and won’t have to hurt your knees to scrub those hard to reach areas. If your new shower is all glass, get a shower squeegee to make cleaning up a breeze! 

Installing a walk-in shower leads to a healthy and hygienic bathing experience. It’s time to say goodbye to your dual shower/tub combo and hello to spacious and efficient luxury. Contact a reputable plumber in your area, like The BC Team, to get started on your own bathroom renovation project.