Remodeling any place of your home is an exciting adventure. But getting to make a switch of your child’s room elevates the activity several levels higher. 


Because your little one is not so little anymore, and the crib that was once a prominent place for them to rest is not feeling smaller and smaller. The pink or blue that you choose does not appeal to them anymore, and they are never happy when you place them on the rocking seat that you once used religiously to get them to sleep. Now, they can sleep independently, and they now need a bigger space than they will adore and be proud to call their own. Below are some of the ideas you can incorporate into the remodeling of your growing child’s room.

Kids Bedroom1

Follow their passions 

By now, you already know what your kid fancies. If they love animals, stick to a zoo theme and if they love the rainbow, go with that too. Regardless, there is a catch when it comes to going with a theme. You need to select one that is universal and go with one that will be easy to switch. For instance, when you go with the zoo theme, instead of painting the walls with the whole zoo, consider using wallpaper with animals. This here is a temporary plan that can be switched in just a day.


When they are getting a new room, children definitely want to have items that resemble what is already in your bedroom. This way, you are showing them that they are old enough to have what you have. One thing that your kid will adore having is a kids lamp on their bedside. Suppose you already have one in yours that you use for reading; they will emulate the same using their new lamp. This makes them feel unique and grown and helping you rub off some good reading habits to them before bed.

Kids Bedroom3

Add multiple functional areas in the room

Today’s modern designers have become geniuses at converting even the smallest spaces to a place with multiple stations. One small bedroom could have a study area, play area, sleeping areas, and the closed all looking cozy and well arranges. The use of ingenious ideas like a floating bank bed and having the study at the bottom is one of that brilliant plan. Please explore what you can achieve in their rooms and make it happen.

Take away

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a room and get everything you want? Well, imagine your child getting that feeling after you reveal what you have done with their space. When they have all the stations they have always adored, you can now train them to keep it clean, which is a great habit to teach them early enough.

Here is an extra tip: always involve your kids in the decision-making; it is their room, after all. You are just the person that funds the project; they enjoy it.