Painted cabinets are a great option for your kitchen’s remodeling plans. Find out if it is an option that you can explore after reading the pros and cons. 

Are you planning to change your kitchen cabinets soon? How about painting your kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones?

Investing in painted kitchen cabinets can be a great idea for a homeowner working on a kitchen remodeling project on a budget.

The pros of painted cabinets


The most obvious benefit of painting kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them is reduced cost. If you compare the two options, painting is much cheaper than buying new cabinetry. Therefore, any homeowner looking for an economical approach to remodeling should consider investing in painted kitchen cabinets. 

More money to spend on other elements 

The cost of painted cabinetry is low, thus, giving you more power to spend money on other kitchen improvement ideas. For example, you can use the money to install under-cabinetry lighting, which will be a good addition to the aesthetic and functional value of the cabinets.

The extra money can also be used to buy high-end appliances that will improve the functionality of the kitchen.

Looks new

The most interesting thing about painted kitchen cabinets is that they look as good as new. You will never notice any difference in aesthetics. However, you will need to find a good painter to do the painting work for you.

You have to determine if your remodeling purpose is for function or aesthetics. If you are objective about remodeling, then painting is an option that you can consider for your upcoming project.

The cons of painted cabinets

Doesn’t work on all cabinets 

Painting is a good option if you have the right cabinetry that is receptive to paint. There are cabinetry styles and shapes that don’t allow painting as an option. There are items that can be destroyed when you pain them.

You must analyze the type of cabinets that you have before you decide to paint them. You can regret it if you go forward with painting on a type of cabinet that doesn’t require painting.

Takes a long time

The process of painting kitchen cabinets is long and detailed. The biggest drawback is that you will have to wait for a long time to see the look of your new cabinets. The process of painting kitchen cabinets includes

  • Removing the drawers and doors
  • Labeling all the parts
  • Cleaning the cabinets thoroughly to remove all stains and any dirt
  • Sanding and priming
  • Painting multiple coats
  • Assembling the drawers and door back.

If you are doing it yourself, it might take days, and even run the risk of not getting it right. The right option is to buy painted kitchen cabinets that are equally affordable as painting them yourself. Another option is to work with a professional painter to help you do the work.

You can also check tutorials to help you understand the process of painting kitchen cabinets.

Mistakes to avoid when painting kitchen cabinets

In the course of painting kitchen cabinets, you are likely to commit some costly mistakes, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

The best approach is to know the mistakes that you are likely to make and work your way out of avoiding them. Here are the top mistakes that people make with painted kitchen cabinets

Not removing doors 

Painting job looks easy for most people. They think it’s all about taking a brush and applying paint on the cabinets. Many people start painting with the doors and drawers still intact. It is a costly mistake because the paint won’t reach all places fairly and could create multiple shades unknowingly.

Always start by removing all the doors and drawers from the cabinets before you start painting.

Failing to label the cabinetry elements 

Another costly mistake is to forget to label the different parts that you are detaching. You should have clear labels that will help you remember what needs to be put where when you are done with the painting job. The idea is to have a set of painted kitchen cabinets that are set well.

Not preparing the cabinetry surface 

The surface of kitchen cabinets must be prepared before any meaningful painting work begins. You need to clean the cabinets thoroughly to remove all the dirt and stains. If you don’t do this well, your painting work will not be clear at the end.

Applying thick layers 

The goal of painting kitchen cabinets is to create a beautiful appearance that can last for long. Thick layers of paint cannot survive daily use. Instead of having a single layer of thick paint, you can opt for multiple layers.

Think layers easily chip off. It calls for patience to apply multiple layers instead of a single thick layer.

Choosing the wrong paint finish 

You also need to know the right paint finish that will make your painted kitchen cabinets shiny when the painting work is done. You can ask your paint supplier for the best paint finish based on your wood type.

Not letting the cabinets dry well 

Another major mistake that people make when painting kitchen cabinets is returning the doors and drawers before they dry well. Avoid any unnecessary rush that will ruin the overall look of kitchen cabinets.

The best thing to do is to allow the cabinets to dry until the paint is completely dry before you assemble the drawers and doors back.

Hiring a pro painter

If you know you cannot do a good painting job, you should just hire a pro painter. It is a guarantee that your cabinetry remodeling work will be done to your satisfaction.

Always check the experience of the painter before you hire them. You should also check their portfolio of work before you determine them as your ideal painter.

There is also the option of buying affordable painted kitchen cabinets that can fit your kitchen’s space.