Today we are going to look into the future and share what to expect in kitchen design trends 2021. Dark kitchen fronts, pastel tones and metallic accents, countertops or slats with filigree profiles, and devices that work independently. In the design of kitchens 2021, what matters is innovation in technologies, these rooms in the house will be true multifunctional rooms and according to your needs, wonderfully cozy or functional and minimalist. But this is just the beginning, let’s dive into kitchen trends for the new season. Do you want to update your kitchen?

Modern interior design

Natural materials such as wood, but also concrete and different types of stone, give depth to minimalist kitchens and never go out of style. Interesting in 2021 kitchens with clearly visible wood grain furniture doors or backsplashes are in no way inferior to dark kitchen backsplashes in terms of modernity. They are combined with marble, concrete, or stainless steel. If the door profiles and countertops are elegant, nothing recalls the rustic style of the 80s and 90s. On the contrary, the new wooden kitchens are wonderfully spacious. In addition, manufacturers strive for the sustainable use of wood from local forestry in their production.

Kitchen Design Trends

In kitchen 2021 we go to the dark side. White kitchens will no longer be so fashionable this transition from white to black we see in recent years. In 2021 for the design of the kitchens above all dark colors will be used. The long, classic white kitchen that we are very used to in 2021 is dressed in black or dark gray more often than ever. It looks elegant in combination with almost all types of wood and allows light accents, such as furniture or accessories in light tones, to emerge elegantly and lightly. New 2021 kitchens typically feature a fingerprint seal so that oily or flour-dusted fingers don’t leave any permanent traces.

Kitchen Design Trends1

Soft but powerful colors accompany the new trend of using dark colors in the kitchen. The mustard yellow that we have seen in the past seasons also has an effect in the kitchen, the light pink, and all the red and pink tones in combination with black requires courage. But they look wonderfully modern with wood and elegant with marble, especially when it comes to small kitchens. What is coming next year is the dark walls the use of dark terracotta that looks earthy and conveys comfort, but does not remind you in the least of a tavern or brewery.

Kitchen Design Trends2

From the kitchen countertops to the wall color in the kitchen, the appliances under or above the countertop, where it still sparkled and gleamed until a few years ago, a matte color palette welcomes us in today’s kitchen studios. . This applies to both the dark or lightly tinted wall colors mentioned, but it also extends to the full width of the white or light fronts, which almost all kitchen manufacturers still have in their portfolio as classics.

Kitchen Design Trends3

In the 2021 kitchen design, the faucet colors go beyond stainless steel. After a detour through the bathroom, now gold, black, or copper accessories have also arrived in the kitchen. Many times we do not pay as much attention to the taps but if you choose a timelessly elegant golden tap and it is based on the harmonious interaction of its shape with the other elements in the kitchen you will win.

Kitchen Design Trends4

It is true that kitchen manufacturers showcase such large kitchens at all known trade shows that one might think that their users live in huge lofts or new buildings with gigantic living and kitchen areas. But the urban reality, on the other hand, tends to provide one-room apartments or apartments with kitchen niches, but there are also manufacturers, who have long had smart storage space solutions at hand. Baseboards are made smaller to create more vertical storage space, or height-adjustable compartments in corner modules or drawers are extremely adaptable for living and cooking in small spaces.

Kitchen Design Trends5

Functional, durable, and yet almost indistinguishable from the sideboard: the profiles of kitchen cabinets, drawer elements, or countertops will be delicate and filigree in 2021. Depending on the material, they play up an elegant and very cozy industrial look. that reinforces the brushed stainless steel worktop.

Kitchen Design Trends6

Technology, comfort, and, increasingly important, the image this is sought in kitchen design 2021 when we talk about trends for kitchen appliances. Similar to kitchen cabinets, the last few years have brought more and more black or dark gray appliances to stores. Matte surfaces are also increasing in popularity. The cooker hood, for example, will be an important part of the design. You can choose one that is made of satin black glass or comes with matte black surfaces.

Kitchen Design Trends7

The seamless transition between kitchen and living room is actually part of the standard planning repertoire in new buildings. The kitchen is designed as a “room within a room”, the dining room is harmoniously connected. In the photo, you can see a kitchen with an island connected to an open living room and dining room. We all know that islands can provide a place for a casual breakfast or dinner, as well as a work and storage space. But if the kitchen is large and spacious enough we can enjoy a dining area, which means you get the storage benefits of an island, but also the addition of a built-in dining room. When it comes to entertainment,

Kitchen Design Trends8

The next sensation in the home appliance market is high-quality built-in appliances that set high standards in modern and purist kitchen design 2021 but above all surprises with new features. The future of built-in appliances starts now. In 2021 we will enjoy a whole generation of built-in appliances that will be deployed in all areas, from stoves, ovens, steamers, and hobs, through microwaves and dishwashers to warming drawers, fully automatic coffee machines, etc. Of particular importance is consistency across devices once the design style issue has been clarified you can combine all desired devices in one design line as you wish while maintaining a uniform and puristic appearance.

Kitchen Design Trends9

Marble is once again a trend. Also and especially in the kitchen. In 2021, the stone can be seen in light white and beige tones, but also in spectacular anthracite. However, if you are talking about a marble kitchen, you are generally referring to quartzite or ceramic. Real marble material is as sensitive to acids as vinegar or lemon, but also wine and oil, that it is not really suitable as a kitchen countertop unless the user likes the patina.

Kitchen Design Trends10

Linoleum used to be a popular floor covering but is now making a comeback as a natural product. Linoleum is still made from cork flour and linseed oil today, but instead of being familiar with mottled brown or red hues as it used to be, it can now be used in new colors on tabletops or kitchen fronts. The Specialty: Because linoleum is truly sensitive to moisture, manufacturers coat the material with natural resins so it can resist damp fumes or splashes when cooking and washing.

Kitchen Design Trends11

Monolithic kitchen blocks with a strict, minimalist clarity: while German, Scandinavian or Swiss manufacturers present high-quality kitchens with a homely appeal, Italian manufacturers indulge in kitchen utopias. Kitchen Design 2021 remains an excellent illustration of the focus on luxury. The countertops come in very high quality and luxurious material. The furniture is perfectly built-in and the preferred material is dark cast iron. The work area is also luxurious but can be raised to create separation.

Kitchen Design Trends12

Whether narrow, square, or rectangular, where space is at a premium, compact kitchens come to the rescue. More and more kitchen designs are looking to benefit from minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. When presenting a smaller space, it is essential that the design is carefully considered to ensure every inch of the kitchen is used. Creating a wall of cabinets to the length is a great way to simplify and open up space. Tall wall units are particularly suitable for narrow kitchens, as the use of this space ensures that the area feels less cramped than if it were filled with pantry-style sideboards. Don’t be afraid to include an island or a breakfast bar, but try not to make the overall dimensions too large, as it can restrict movement in the kitchen. Opting for an open or floating island will keep all areas accessible and provide additional seating opportunities. The area under the island countertop can offer ample space for storage and cooking.

Kitchen Design Trends13

Exhaust fans are being reinvented for futuristic 2021 kitchens. There is a shift towards downdraft extraction systems that remove odors and vapors at their source, that is, directly from the hob and pull them down before they have a chance to permeate the air. This is particularly important in open-plan kitchen living spaces, where a range hood at head height above an island can create a visual barrier and conflict with the open-plan environment. An integrated downdraft extractor in the countertop provides further design creativity and fits the trend for minimalist and professional styling.